Hecate Leadership

Great Hecate in this world of strife and Greed
There are often times when a Hero should Lead

As we travel down our Path
There are those that stoke or Wraith

But we need not strive Alone
After all I am Alex Bone

So this great Night
Help me set things Right

Since all our abilities are Unique
It is allies that I Seek

Friends will help me make a Stand
Whether it is for personal both, the community, or defending the Land

So grant me the power to rise above and lead the Way
Bring truth and goals out of the Mundainia Sway

For we seek to travel Together
In both good and bad Weather

For I seek to lead the Pack
So insure that Charisma I never Lack

So great Hecate as I call out to Thee
As I will so mote it Be

Hecate Leadership

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Dionysus Freedom

Life is full of the hooks of Responsibility

People want to insure you are never Free


But they do not Understand

That free is something I already Am


Everyone is always Free

I do not see any strings attached to Me


Sure we should not fuck over Others

Our family and Brothers


But it is time for you to clear a Path

For I need to Pass


I wish to dive right In

And have a new life Begin


I feel my body lose every Care

As my lungs fill with fresh Air


So Dionysus help me gain what is already Mine

And happiness will not be far Behind


I pick up the pen and the Knife

And look forward to the rest of my Life

Dionysus Freedom

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Dionysus Protection

When what we want is to be filled with Joy
Being harassed or injured can surely Annoy


Whether one is woozy or sketching out a Plan
Please make sure that if we fall there is something soft where we Land


Dionysus watch over Us
Protect us from the cities into the Forest


People that are happy can make others Mad
Help us avoid their aggression so we are not pulled into their Sad


We try to not be in a Hurry
And we wish to party without Worry


If you watch over us during our Baccanaght
That would certainly help A Lot


So as we enter into the Night
Guide us down the path that is Right


Then we will always look up to You
And continue to work on all the things we should Do


As this drink goes to my Head
I will be happy to later find myself safely in Bed


Dionysus Protectin


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Hecate Promotion

Great Hecate send out our message and help influence the Sway
For we seek to be growing bigger each Day

Turn their eyes toward Us
Have them see our products and Lust

We want them to be our money Whore
And bring capital to our Door

Help fill their minds with Desire
And with our products they will never Tire

In this world full of competition and Greed
It is our mouth we wish the masses to Feed

Bring their thoughts toward us Online
As we move into the Devine

For when you help us, you help Yourself
For we work for you like a busy Elf

Charisma, capital, and power
Grant us our goals each Hour

So this Night we call out to Thee
Grant us these boons, keep us be Free

As we travel toward our Goal
Help us enlighten our Soul


Hecate Promotion


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Dionysus Boons

In this world where we want to have a good time, all the Time
Sometimes it is hard to make it happen when you do not have a Dime

It sucks to be broke that is True
Especially when there is so much we want to Do

So great Dionysus take pity on us so we do not have to deal with such Crap
And let us have fun even when our wallet is Tapped

Whether it is getting a drink for Free
Or money appearing from no where for Me

Sprinkle us with good luck from Above
And Help make sure we are taken care Of

Even finding ways to avoid life’s Tolls
So we can party like happy gnomes and not be stuck home like grumpy Trolls

So great Baccus hear us Now
Let us enter into the Field of Wow

Guide us to Gold and Wine
Help your followers enter into the Devine

We would appreciate this a Lot
As we enter into Baccanaght

.Dionysus Boons


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Dionysus Flirt

If you are feeling ground into the Dirt
A good way to feel better about yourself is to Flirt

Whether it is a big deal or Small
A little flirting will make you feel strong and Tall

There does not have to be a reason or a Why
But we might as well do it now before we grown old and Die

A bit of flirting does not mean you do not love your significant Other
It just means you are not dead enough not to Bother

It is not a spit in the Face
It only proves you are a member of the Human Race

So run out and meet a new Friend
Have a little joke and a few sly smiles before the End

Do not be a Twit
Because who gives a Shit

Life is for Fun
I want as much as I can get before I am Done

So have a little fun Today
And Flirt Away



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Dionysus Flirt