Hecate Directional Spell

Goddess of the Night
The Crossroad loom before us

Uncertainty is a constant for the Enlightened
Those that seek a Betterment are often torn as to which choice is Best

A Focus is what is sought

We Seek to rise above such Issues
And take our place on the Path to our Personal Power

Channel us, Bless us, and Open our Eyes

Give us the Sight
To chose the path that is Right

The way could be difficult and Narrow
But we will sped forward like an Arrow

Which direction, what direction, How
We will discover our answers Now

We each need to find the path we Seek
For each of these Paths is Unique

In the Future whatever path is Best
Will be laid at our feet so we may begin our true Test



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Inanna Sensual

Inanna you are the Best

At making sure Lovers pass this Test

Because it better be good or they will just jump to the Next


Love is important but over this Sex does Loft

Oh come on, we all want to get Off

I give a thanks to you before my hands touch the Soft


So hear us this Night

We wish to bask in Delight

Know that this is always Right

Inanna Sensual

Inanna Sensual

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