Hecate Waxing Moon

Growing brighter against the Sky
New projects and Tasks I aim to Try


The growing Moon looms over Me
Filling my body and soul with a creative spark of Energy

I seek the oneness and New
Aid me Goddess of the crossroads, showing me what I must Do

Now is the time to begin, grow and become Stronger
I will be malingering no Longer

In my faith Hecate I am always true to You
Point me in the direction I should be traveling To

Travel and Choice are not a Burden
With success I wish to be Flirting

So as the energy of the growing Moon fills the Night
Bring forth the endpoint leading to Delight

New life and Goals
Help destroy the negativity that take its Tolls

The Zero
Is replaced by the Hero

I break off from the Meek
I Seek, quest and become Complete


.Hecate Waxing Moon



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Hermes Random Luck

Random chance is all I See
Let the Luck Flow over Me
Hermes you are the Eternal Rambler
Aid me on my Quest to be a Gambler
One Card, one Number has the same chance as Another
Cheat random Fate and please Favor your Brother
Bring the Luck down onto Me
Open the gates and Flood me with Money
I wish to persevere and rise above the Throng
Aid me in becoming Financially Strong
Bring life away from the Tragic
Let us Feast on all the Magick
In the End each day is another Page
Fill them each with Glory as I embrace the Mage


Hermes Randm Luck


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Dionysus Nature

Nature draws us in and we do not feel Sorry
But some of us come out here to Party


As society tightens its Noose
Sometimes nature is the one way that we can cut Loose


No drinking and driving Tonight
I am with my friends to my Delight


So come into the wilds with Me
And we can find a place to finally be Free


Eat, drink, and Toke
As we watch the fire Smoke


Oh yeah give me a Shot
I like that a Lot


Maybe some Tunes
And we can stomp around like Goons


Baccanaght is Best
With no worries on my Chest


So Dionysus hear out Shout
It is so much fun going Out


Dionysus, Nature

Apollo Path of Righteousness

We must always Fight
For what we believe is Right

The path is difficult and Long
But we must retain our values and be Strong

Temptations and obstacles lie at every Turn
But through these we must pass in order to Learn

The warrior must no pause even if he knows Dread
For the path of peril is ours to Tread

So Apollo we can out to you this Day
We seek to be worthy and fight towards the Holy light through the Fray

Embrace me now for I am Ready
I pledge to hold my convictions Steady

Apollo Path of Rightouesness

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