Dionysus Everywhere Man

We of Dionysus are all Around

Wherever there is fun, we can be Found


Moving here and There

Without a Care


But that does not mean we are not putting on the Gas

Rumper Stumper, Constantly Kick Ass


The Man in Brown

Is coming to your Town


Saber in Hand

He will help defend the Land


But his reasons are Clear

He wants a safe place to kick back and drink Beer


So keep an eye Out

And give your best friend a Shout


He is your Friend

Until the Very End


Dionysus like the Man in Brown, we are one with You

Watch us and we will show you what we can Do



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Loki Chaos Embracing

Most people think that life is a battle between the Dark and the Light
But Order and Chaos also Fight

Chaos is what makes life interesting and Sweet
It also provides the dangers that Heroes Seek

Too much safety and the world is Boring
It will leave us Snoring

Loki we embrace Chaos for You
Never completely knowing what it will Do

And as the day comes to an End
I Join with Chaos as a Friend

Loki Chaos

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