Hecate Leadership

Great Hecate in this world of strife and Greed
There are often times when a Hero should Lead

As we travel down our Path
There are those that stoke or Wraith

But we need not strive Alone
After all I am Alex Bone

So this great Night
Help me set things Right

Since all our abilities are Unique
It is allies that I Seek

Friends will help me make a Stand
Whether it is for personal both, the community, or defending the Land

So grant me the power to rise above and lead the Way
Bring truth and goals out of the Mundainia Sway

For we seek to travel Together
In both good and bad Weather

For I seek to lead the Pack
So insure that Charisma I never Lack

So great Hecate as I call out to Thee
As I will so mote it Be

Hecate Leadership

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Dionysus Freedom

Life is full of the hooks of Responsibility

People want to insure you are never Free


But they do not Understand

That free is something I already Am


Everyone is always Free

I do not see any strings attached to Me


Sure we should not fuck over Others

Our family and Brothers


But it is time for you to clear a Path

For I need to Pass


I wish to dive right In

And have a new life Begin


I feel my body lose every Care

As my lungs fill with fresh Air


So Dionysus help me gain what is already Mine

And happiness will not be far Behind


I pick up the pen and the Knife

And look forward to the rest of my Life

Dionysus Freedom

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