Dionysus Feast

There are many good things on our list and one thing that is not Least
Is certainly to Feast

Hedonism comes with many Faces
One of them is when we smile around our set Places

Eat food that is Good
Like we Should

Become one with the Meal
Learn to taste, smell and Feel

Dionysus becomes one with You
When feasting is what you Do

So go out and be a little Decedent
Dionysus we are you Instrument

So hear us this Day
Send yummy meals our Way

We will take them In
And leave with a Grin

I eat beyond when I am Full
And that is not any Bull

Dionysus Feast

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Inanna Transformation

For some of us the female body seems so Right
We wish we could be one every Night
We would love to look in the mirror and see a pretty Sight
Inanna I wish to be one with You
And do everything females can Do
Being a girl through and Through
So Inanna grant me your Blessing
Think of all the joy I am Missing
A Man’s mouth I should be Kissing

Inanna Transformation

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Dionysus Phillip Brownhurst

There is one man who stands above any Other
And we are very happy to be able to call Phillip Brownhurst our Brother

We are always pleased when the Man In Brown
Comes to our Town

Phillip is also called the Everywhere Man
And he tries to aid humanity in any way he Can

With cutlass in Hand
He travels every Land

Phillip Brownhurst

Phillip Brownhurst

Phillip is one with Dionysus
From the endless blue to the darkened Forest

The Eternal Companion, side kick, and trusted Friend
We know we can count on him until the End

So Mr. Brownhurst we raise our glass to You
An example of a friend who is always True

If we are in Luck
You will join us in our Baccanaght

Be careful Phillip, but never lose you Flare
And we will look for you Everywhere


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Yig’s Animals

I wish to one with the Forest
and feel the Animals scampering over Us
On the Earth, in the air or Sea
The Woods always Beckon to Me
Yig Allfather, Feathered serpent, Snake
We fight for the Earth for its own Sake
Creatures of the Earth Deserve their Life
Followers of Yig, pledge to protect them from Strife

yig, Pheonix

Animals also Surround me at Home
Please bless these as well for hard to them is impossible to Condone
All animals we wish to save and Protect
All things from Whales to the smallest Insect
They are our friends and love us in their own Way
Fight for animal freedom, each and every Day
For who are we to claim to be Above
When they put forth such primal Love

Yig Chaos baby

We were born with a Purpose
Save the world and protect the Forest
Animals need not be Alone
There are protected by heroes like Alex Bone
Environments crash and things are Hard
But need to save both the wilderness and our own back Yard
Thoughtless Humans we will be no Longer
We continue to fight, helping the world grow Stronger

Yig icon

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Hecate’s Waning Moon

The Fullness of the Moon has Fallen
Now the Darkness is Calling
It is a time of Darkness and for the children of the Night
Lock the doors and Put out the Light
Life is more than constantly gathering and trying to Create
It is often good to focus on what you have and let the new projects Abate
With the waning moon we need to focus on the here and Now
Fortify things before us, cultivate the fields that we Plow
It is a time to Purge and throw Away
Clean and organize the environment around which we Stay
A Million Unfinished projects, is not as good as a single completed One
It is time to Improve what has already been Done
In all things there is a beginning, a middle, and an End
Complete the circle, Attend
Before future quests I Embark
In the past I will be sure to leave my Mark
So in the End I call out to Thee
For Your Servant and Mage I shall always Be
As the Moon begins to die only to be Reborn
I myself will begin a new Phase and to the past will be no longer Torn

Hecate, Waning Moon

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Dionysus Under The Stars

Dionysus you are the master of Fun
And that is what we want when the work is Done

Our in nature is where fun happens Best
We can enjoy ourselves while also being put to the Test

When is life better than in a safe place with Friends
This is always the time where we hope it never Ends

In this world where rules are designed to catch us in the Wrong
Out under the stars is where our TAZ grows Strong

It is awesome when we do not have to drive all Day
Then we can just kick back and Play

Dionysus we know you are here with Us
You rejoice when your children enter the Forest

So hear us this Day
Send happiness our Way

We know what we should Do
And that is have fun and frolic with You

We love camping for it regenerates our Scars
So please think of us while we camp under the Stars

Dionysus, Under the Stars

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