Review of The Gospel of Loki, by Joanne M. Harris

This was a very inspiring book, so I decided to share it here as well.

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The Gospel of Loki, by Joanne M. Harris
Saga Press

5 Stars


Just a little back story on this one. Yep, I was feeling a little down because of a few things that were happening in my life. I had been away from where I was living for a bit. I came home and had a moment to myself and was able to check my mail. I had a few books lined up to read for reviews. As I opened the packages I had received over the last week, the Gospel of Loki greeted my eyes. I know this may seem a little much, but I took this as a sign or perhaps a direction.

Let me back up a little, and at the risk of creating a bias in regards to my review, I would to state that Loki and I go way back. I have embraced Chaos…

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Hecate Manipulation

I’m serious when I say screw being Fair
We of Hecate need to Manipulate with Flare

We have to be in control of what we Need
It is our wants, needs, and desires the others must Feed

So Hecate look down at us this Night
For to better our way we will always Fight

To aid us when we are being put to the Test
We need to convince others that our way is Best

In a world where the things we need to accomplish are Infinitive
We need to help give others the Initiative

Use them, make them see our path, our Way
Make then follow and work as we Say

It would be nice to do it all Ourselves
But it does not hurt to have other be our busy little Elves

We will do the Math
And get the muggles to follow our Path

Guide them through the right direction at the Crossroads
So they can our servants, our Toads

Once we are the Master
Everything will happen Faster

Hecate Manipulation

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Loki Multi-Tasking

The ways of Chaos are Great
And help us mold our Fate

There is always much to be Done
Before we can enjoy our accomplishments and have Fun

We of Loki seek to do it All
Until our successes stretch wall to Wall

So Loki aid us in our Chaotic goal Assault
And we will never Halt

And as day turns to Night
.We will bask in all we have done Right

Loki Multi-tasking

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Dionysus Fun

Sometimes I just want to have Fun
At times you need to be sneaky just to get this Done

No matter what they may Say
I am going to have fun every Day

Try to watch over me and make my Goals Fail
I will send you a Post card from the beach in the Mail

Even if you think your eyes are on Me
I will prove to you that I am Free

Fun is a Goal
We need our relief from the Toll

Embrace the Chaos, Embrace the Night
I know that this is my divine Right

In the end I seek Pleasure
I will consume what I will beyond Measure

Play, sing and Dance
And maybe pull down my Pants

So Dionysus, shine you love down on Us
And let me Baccanaght be a Success


Dionysus Fun


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Dionysus Consume

Protecting the Earth’s Resources is Nice
Especially when human cover its beauty like maggoty Lice

I do not want to consume like a mindless Zombie
Anyone acting like that should stay the hell away from Me

Still there are times when we should live large no matter what we Deserve
And Dionysus this is why it is you that we Serve

Tasty food, treats, and Booze
I want them all do not make me Choose

I am not a Glutton
When I eat my Mutton

But Joy is what we Need
This is not always fueled by Greed

Sometimes it is just good to let loose and have Fun
And I want my piece before the day is Done

So stack the food on plates piled High
I want more than my share before I Die

On this great Baccanaught
We like it an awful Lot


Dionysus Consume


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