Apollo Into Hermes (2013 into 2014)

When Yellow meets Grey

The New Year is on it’s Way


Righteous warrior Standing up for the Meek

Moves into the mystic when knowledge is what we Seek


Apollo and Hermes are Brothers

Even if they have different Mothers


Now we leave the golden Knight

As we delve into the mysterious of shadow between the day and Night


Hermes when we greet you with an Open Mind

Who knows what new experiences we may Find


So Hermes look down and fill us with your Magick

Lift us up from the Mundane and Tragic


And as a New Year Begins

We start fresh and clean of our Sins



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Loki Smoke

Unthroned we dwell in the Night

Smoke obscuring the Light


Moving as it Will

Working for good or for Ill


Hiding the Thief as he is wrapped in Smoke

Making our Enemies Choke


Loki help is pierce the Grey

Like us mold our life in our own Way


Moving I become one with the Wisps

And the Chaos Tips

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Loki Smoke

Loki Smoke