Inanna Speed

Inanna you are more than just the Lover

You are also a warrior like no Other

So please grant us the speed of your sword arm great Mother


In the world where there is always so much to Do

We find ourselves turning to You

For Inanna is the Mistress of Speed and the words we speak are True


So grant us awesome Speed

For this is what we Need

And now our goals will hatch from their Seed

Inanna Speed

Inanna Speed

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Dionysus Forest Frolic

The Brown trunks of the trees surround Me

Channeling the energy I See


Dionysus, I sense your presence Here

You make the truth of reality Clear


For it is with you that he seek pleasure in the Night

Knowing that as warriors it is our Right


For all that exist desire life’s Kiss

Why be born at all if such things we would Miss


Animals play within the Trees

Dancing around our Knees


Water splashes By

And with an Ale in my hand I have to reason to Cry


Tip a shot of golden Fire

As our real one burns ever Higher


Some Green beneath the Green

If you know what I Mean


Dionysus I join with You

And to my pleasure I will be True

Dionysus Forest Frolic

Dionysus Forest Frolic

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Apollo Defensive Blessing

Warrior of Heaven with Sword in Hand

Protector of Home and Peace, Defending the Land


This Day we Call out to Thee

For Free from Evil we Wish our Home to Be


Enemies of our Flesh and Soul we seek to Banish

The Evil that Lurks, Will be Made to Vanish


Apollo Help us Defend Ourselves from those that would cause Me and Mine any Harm

Protect us when we are at home in our Warm


The World can be full of Evil and Malicious Intent

Remove Us from the Path of the Twisted and Bent


On this Day we Sign out to Thee

As I Will So Mote It Be!!!!!!

Apollo Defensive

Apollo Defensive

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Inanna Creativity

Inanna you are the inspiration that Creates

Help us change our Fates

Because we want to accomplish new things and move into the Great


So Inanna Bless us this Day

Let us be infused with the creative powers over which you hold Sway

We want to produce wonders that will make everyone say Yay


So help us bring forth new and wondrous Things

We want to be creative Beings

And for your brilliance we will always Sing

Inanna Creativity

Inanna Creativity

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Dionysus Water

Flowing with a liquid Grace

Dionysus has blessed the Human race


We come from the Water

It is our Father


In the End

It is our Greatest Friend


With other things there is a huge List

But without Water we could not Exist


So Dionysus bring the rain down on Us

For after its cool embrace we always Lust


By night or by Day

Sent Water our Way


When singing its praise where could I even begin

By I might start with the pleasures of a good Swim


So on this Baccanaght we call out to Thee

Let the water always flow around Me


I do not have to stop to Think

For Whatever it is I want a Drink

Dionysus Water

Dionysus Water

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