Tezcatlipoca Lord Living

Before me stretch many a Fool
Over them all I deserve to Rule

But even before that Night
I will be treated well and Right

Tezcatlipoca Lord Living

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Dionysus Celebrate

We do not need a special reason to Celebrate
Every day we get to live is Great

Sometimes a Holiday crosses our Path
This happens a lot, do the Math

We could have just accomplish a Feat
And now enjoy a Retreat

Birthdays are one thing we all Crave
They favor our lives and good time they Save

Different than an average Day
It allows us to be happy as we Play

We put away the toll and the Knife
As we step up and celebrate for Life

Be it home, at another’s place, or the Woods
We have good cheer as we get the Goods

So Dionysus Bless this Magic Place
And allow us a break in the Race

Worries get pushed Aside
And from the bliss I do not Hide

Dionysus Celebrate

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Hermes Healing Embrace

As Above, As below, the Spirit is what we seek to not Lack
Yet sometimes the Material holds us Back
Hermes Bless, Receive and Heal US.
Embrace us with the Power of your Caduceus
The Body is Weak and must be Maintained
If not we are forced to Focus of the Mundane
What was once Whole, can be Whole Again
Release this Body from its Pain
Bind, Bandage, Heal
So we may fight, be it dark, gray or Weal
Mind and Body should be one, but for this to happen the Healing must be Done
We look up to Thee
Embracing the Mists until we are Free

Hermes Healing

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Apollo Perseverance

On every side of us dangers Lie
But no matter how difficult the task, one must still Try

It would be easy to give up like the Meek
When being a warrior is what we truly Seek

So Apollo shine your heavenly light down upon us this Day
And dedicated to our goals we will Stay

No matter how impossible the odds might Seem
We will insure that their completion is more than just a Dream

Even when we have to strive again and again and Again
We will persevere to the End

So hear us great lord of Light
And grant us power against the slacker ways of the Night

Apollo Perseverence

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Dionysus Fight For Your Right To Party

Sometimes you just need to Throw Down
But with a hundred obstacles, it is hard to get things off the Ground

But we of Dionysus do not Care
We will party anyway and do it with Flair

Someone has to get the party Going
Hell, we will even keep it Flowing

Push the worries Aside
From the trails of life, we can still Hide

Some might say, no, Don’t
But just because you want us to stop, we Won’t

I’m here to get the party Started
Not lay around like I just Farted

So gear up for some Fun
Because we are going to get this Done

Dionysus bless us this Night
For having a good time all the time is always Right

From sister to Brother
Dionysus is always our spiritual Father

Dionysus Fight

Dionysus Fight for you right to party

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Yig Growth

The Smallest strand of DNA
Circles Spirals, Expands Each Day
Just as a seed Planted in the Earth
Is required of the Largest Redwood’s Birth

I myself have Grown
From a child, moving into the Unknown
Now as a Man I stand before Thee
Both my mind and Body I wish to set free

Great Yig I hear you Calling
Seeking your essence I should never be Stalling
Overcome my Trails
Live through and receive Smiles

I seek to be Better than Before
Increase my skills and be a Warrior
So please aid me in my Quest
So I can be a servant who is at his best

Yig Growth

Yig Growth


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Dionysus Snuggle

When you get tired and Cold
Snuggling never grows Old

You can do it by yourself, or with Others
For in the end we are all Brothers

Sometimes we want to get all Loffy
On out Soffy

Just tank It
And get under a Blanket

Feel happy and Neat
And make sure the blanket covers your Feet

We all work hard and do so Much
Sometimes it all goes away with one gentle Touch

So come here and give me a Kiss
Why would this be something you want to Miss

So Dionysus look down on us and keep us Warm
Remove us from the Storm

We sing our praises out to You
Thankful for all that you Do

Dionysus Snuggle

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