Dionysus Everywhere Man

We of Dionysus are all Around

Wherever there is fun, we can be Found


Moving here and There

Without a Care


But that does not mean we are not putting on the Gas

Rumper Stumper, Constantly Kick Ass


The Man in Brown

Is coming to your Town


Saber in Hand

He will help defend the Land


But his reasons are Clear

He wants a safe place to kick back and drink Beer


So keep an eye Out

And give your best friend a Shout


He is your Friend

Until the Very End


Dionysus like the Man in Brown, we are one with You

Watch us and we will show you what we can Do



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Dionysus Phillip Brownhurst

There is one man who stands above any Other
And we are very happy to be able to call Phillip Brownhurst our Brother

We are always pleased when the Man In Brown
Comes to our Town

Phillip is also called the Everywhere Man
And he tries to aid humanity in any way he Can

With cutlass in Hand
He travels every Land

Phillip Brownhurst

Phillip Brownhurst

Phillip is one with Dionysus
From the endless blue to the darkened Forest

The Eternal Companion, side kick, and trusted Friend
We know we can count on him until the End

So Mr. Brownhurst we raise our glass to You
An example of a friend who is always True

If we are in Luck
You will join us in our Baccanaght

Be careful Phillip, but never lose you Flare
And we will look for you Everywhere


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Dionysus Friends

With Dionysus we focus on the self and Fun
But what good is this if we are the only One

Part of joy is sharing the fun with Others
I always feel best when I am around my Brothers

So this day we call out to Thee
My friends all around is what I want to See

The sum is greater than all the Parts
When we mingle our mind, soul, and Hearts

Whether it is day, dusk or Night
It is more fun to share the Delight

So Baccus we sing out to You
For you know what we say is True

Bless our friendships and give us long Life
Comradeship is how we tear through the Strife

So as Baccanaught comes Calling
May we get drunk until we are almost Falling

We thank you for our Friendships
As reality we seek to Slip


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Dionysus Friends

Dionysus Friends