Loki Chaos Embracing

Most people think that life is a battle between the Dark and the Light
But Order and Chaos also Fight

Chaos is what makes life interesting and Sweet
It also provides the dangers that Heroes Seek

Too much safety and the world is Boring
It will leave us Snoring

Loki we embrace Chaos for You
Never completely knowing what it will Do

And as the day comes to an End
I Join with Chaos as a Friend

Loki Chaos

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Dionysus Fresh

Some people are always cooped up Inside

From the rest of the world they try to Hide


People of Dionysus are not like this at All

Be it Winter, Spring, Summer, Or Fall


So there are things we can do Within the Interior

But if that is all we focus on our lives will be Inferior



Clear my Head


Into the Fresh Air

I have little Care


Do not try to stand in my Way

I’m going outside every Day


I am an Animal

And my life I will not Cannibal


So Dionysus hear Us

Whether it is my back yard or the vast Forest


Let me enter the secret Sway

Cuz I am going outside Today

Dionysus fresh

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Dionysus Fun

Sometimes I just want to have Fun
At times you need to be sneaky just to get this Done

No matter what they may Say
I am going to have fun every Day

Try to watch over me and make my Goals Fail
I will send you a Post card from the beach in the Mail

Even if you think your eyes are on Me
I will prove to you that I am Free

Fun is a Goal
We need our relief from the Toll

Embrace the Chaos, Embrace the Night
I know that this is my divine Right

In the end I seek Pleasure
I will consume what I will beyond Measure

Play, sing and Dance
And maybe pull down my Pants

So Dionysus, shine you love down on Us
And let me Baccanaght be a Success


Dionysus Fun


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Dionysus Consume

Protecting the Earth’s Resources is Nice
Especially when human cover its beauty like maggoty Lice

I do not want to consume like a mindless Zombie
Anyone acting like that should stay the hell away from Me

Still there are times when we should live large no matter what we Deserve
And Dionysus this is why it is you that we Serve

Tasty food, treats, and Booze
I want them all do not make me Choose

I am not a Glutton
When I eat my Mutton

But Joy is what we Need
This is not always fueled by Greed

Sometimes it is just good to let loose and have Fun
And I want my piece before the day is Done

So stack the food on plates piled High
I want more than my share before I Die

On this great Baccanaught
We like it an awful Lot


Dionysus Consume


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Dionysus Boons

In this world where we want to have a good time, all the Time
Sometimes it is hard to make it happen when you do not have a Dime

It sucks to be broke that is True
Especially when there is so much we want to Do

So great Dionysus take pity on us so we do not have to deal with such Crap
And let us have fun even when our wallet is Tapped

Whether it is getting a drink for Free
Or money appearing from no where for Me

Sprinkle us with good luck from Above
And Help make sure we are taken care Of

Even finding ways to avoid life’s Tolls
So we can party like happy gnomes and not be stuck home like grumpy Trolls

So great Baccus hear us Now
Let us enter into the Field of Wow

Guide us to Gold and Wine
Help your followers enter into the Devine

We would appreciate this a Lot
As we enter into Baccanaght

.Dionysus Boons


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Dionysus Flirt

If you are feeling ground into the Dirt
A good way to feel better about yourself is to Flirt

Whether it is a big deal or Small
A little flirting will make you feel strong and Tall

There does not have to be a reason or a Why
But we might as well do it now before we grown old and Die

A bit of flirting does not mean you do not love your significant Other
It just means you are not dead enough not to Bother

It is not a spit in the Face
It only proves you are a member of the Human Race

So run out and meet a new Friend
Have a little joke and a few sly smiles before the End

Do not be a Twit
Because who gives a Shit

Life is for Fun
I want as much as I can get before I am Done

So have a little fun Today
And Flirt Away



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Dionysus Flirt