Inanna Motherfucker

Motherfucker… there is no Reason
Motherfucker… Always in Season
Motherfucker… I am not Teasing

Sometimes anger guises Me
Then I feel Free
Get your ass away from Me

Know what I can Do
You want this nowhere near You
You fucking Stu Bum Lou

Inanna MF

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Dionysus Snacks

Sometimes when you are on the Attack
It is good to just eat a Snack

Other types of food can be Great
But sometimes we do not want a full Plate

Maybe I do not want to be a busy Beaver
And I would rather not cook Either

Men like Salty
So when I buy chips do not fault Me

Women like the Sweet
We buy it for them, because women are Neat

So pass be some Chip
Hey where is the Dip

I want to do as I Please
Hey these taste like Cheese

Ahh this is Bliss
Delicious Happiness

Dionysus that for all we Get
You are the wildest God Yet

Dionysus Snacks

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Hecate Discipline

If we seek to better the human Race
It is better not to flail all over the Place

Once a path is chosen it should be completed and Done
Then maybe later we can have some Fun

One thing we must respect is the use of our Time
I do not wish to be a fool a squander Mine

Focus and dedication are what we Need
Sometimes we must overcome hedonism’s Greed

For every side tasks no matter how small Distracts
Soon having the time is what we will Lack

So Hecate we call out to Thee
Help us push away the mundania so we can be Free

Because we wish to open to door to our true Fate
So soon we can enter the Great

As I move across the Land
Please take my Hand

I will become one with You
And then I will be able to complete all I have to Do

So great Goddess hear us this Day
And let things be as we Say

Hecate Discipline

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