Yig Nature’s Embrace

I am a Child of the Earth

Let Nature Embrace Me


I live as an Animal

Let the Beasts Embrace me


I am at one with the Forests

Let the Plants Embrace Me


I am a Child of the Sun

Let the Light Embrace Me


I Feel the Freedom of the Bird

Let the Winds Embrace Me


My heart burns with the Fire of the Making

Let the Flame Embrace Me


I Come From the Water

Let the Rivers Embrace Me


I am as one with the Desert

Let the Sands Embrace Me

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Hecate Charisma Spell

The ways of Chaos and Magick are Great

We seek to mold others so they will aid us in reaching our true Fate


For in the world of competition and Vice

Humans swarm over everything like maggoty Lice


As Wizards we seek to raise above the Others

Yet in a way that will trick them so they think that we are Brothers


Homo-superior is what we Are

And against the rest we do War


We seek to protect this world before the End

Aid stone, animal, and Friend


Yet we need not fight Fair

No we will Manipulate and Coerce with Flair


Like Micaville we plan and Plot

Also trying to better our Lot


So Hecate shine your Power down on us this Night

Let you servants bask in your Sight


Aid us to become stronger and Proceed

Let Magick and Joy triumph over Greed


Enable us, Making us Stronger

And we will be more powerful Servants Forever and Longer

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Tri-Partite Goddess


Dionysus Joy

People of Dionysus search out the Joy

Even if that is what other seek to always Destroy


Yes, it is fun to accomplish and Strive

But if we do not to find Joy why we are really Alive


So please join us now in the day or the Dark

And let Joy find you and leave its positive Mark


Sure we want to accomplish and get things Done

But only so we can enjoy our Fun


Some much bullshit attacks us each Day

We are victims of the Discordic Sway


But we want to take that Chaos and make it our Friend

Ride the maelstrom until the End


So Dionysus bless us this Night

For we know that embracing Joy is always Right


In the end there is no other task for Man

For making people smile when they take Joy’s Hand


So great Baccus listen to Me

Help me find Joy and set my soul Free

Dionysus Joy

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Dionysus Party

There is always so much that we should Do

That sometimes it gets away from You


Instead of banging your head against a Wall

Go out, mingle, and stand Tall


Let’s face it, we kick ass and are cool beyond Belief

Why should we belittle ourselves and drown in Grief


Sometimes we just need to Show Off

It is then that we party and get Rough


Get out and join the Party

Promote the Me


There are times when all we need is Fun

And we aren’t the only One


So now we head off into the Night

Protect us Dionysus may we never leave your Sight


Protect us as we do your Work

And spreading your word we will never Shirk


Party we enter into you Now

And hope we make it safety back home just saying Wow

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Dionsus Party


Dionysus Slack

There is a time to Relax

And there is a time to Slack


Is there a difference, gee Wizz

Come on dumbass, of course there Is


When we relax we stop Working

When we slack we are Powerlounging 


This is more than giving yourself a break after a hard Day

Here we are throwing our work Away


So join in our Baccanaght

Or all your work is for Not


You need to have fun at the End

Or soon you are boring and without a Friend


Slack off, goof Around

Sometimes no better time can be Found


So Dionysus look down on us this Night

Let no negatives blind our Sight


For in the end there is nothing but Fun

And we your children will join as One

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dionysos slack

Dionysus Ale

\There is a way for men to Play

Some of us do it every Day

Beer, Mead, Porter, Stout, and Ale

Next to these all other drinks Pale

Beer is proof that you love Us

Help us journey into your Beloved Forest

For Dionysus it is you that we Seek

With your help we can reach our own personal Super-Freak

Ale separates us from the hassles of normal Work

Let us change our mood so we do not feel like a Jerk

I become one with you, when the Alex becomes one with Me

I open my mind and feel Free

So Dionysus we walk with you this Night

You essence helps drown us with Delight

You help us Release

But also keep us more than just another Beast

So tonight we raise our drinks on High

Knowing that ale is one thing that will never Lie

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Dionysus Ale

Dionysus Relax

There are so many things in this world that can Tax

That is why it is important to be able to Relax

But when our face is being ground into the Grate

It is hard to reach that higher State

This is why Dionysus, we come to You

For we love you through and Through

Help as release ourselves from our worldly Woes

Remove us from trauma’s Throws

We seek a higher Place

Even if we are still part of this Human’s Race

So help me toss it all Away

And have at least some joy every Day

For without Joy is there a reason to Exist

Without slowing down think of all we might Miss

Relaxation is the opposite of Stress

And our best way to reverse this Mess

So Dionysus hear is this Night

For we seek to Bask in your Delight

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dionysus Relax