Dionysus Skinjumpers

Some people want to always be the Same
They will never be part of the real Game

We are more than just manic Humpers
The true masters of the flesh are Skinjumpers

No matter where we are released from the Gate
We seek to control our own Fate

Live the way we wish no matter What
Anything else would be a pain in the Butt

We seek to reach to our full Potential
Moving past the Elemental

Chaos with body, but not the Mind
As I leave my last flesh Behind

With Flashgun in Hand
We protect our Plan

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Become one with our Devine
Or you will soon be left Behind

As the world opens in front of Me
I embrace Dionysus and can finally be Free


Loki Filming

Seeking to record the Chaos
Is never a lost Cause

Meets Satisfaction

As we rip new scenes of Madness
Creating waves of Gladness

Loki bless us with Skills
Be they to create goods or Ills

And we will try our Best
To finish our Quest

Loki Filming

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Inanna Traveling Through Hell

When it comes to Love

Many of us rise Above

We want to treat it gently like a Dove


Even with what you put me Through

There is nothing I would not do for You

I hope you know this will always be True


Pleasure or Hell

Sometimes hard to Tell

But in the end I hope we each get treated Well

inanna hell

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Yig, The Year of Yig

We always strive to make our lives Big

But never more so than during a Year of Yig

Yig brings us back to the Earth

So we can celebrate our original Birth

When the numbers of the year add to Eight

It is the All-Father serpent that guides our Fate

We grow free and Strong

Follow the right trail and not the Wrong

Build on our Goals and create new Life

Push away the darkness and Strife

Embrace all existence within our Heart

And a new motivated life we Start

So Yig empower your Children that follow your Way

Let them grow stronger each Day

And while the year of Yig is Here

Let everything become impossibly Clear

Yig Year

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Dionysus Youthful Mind

Some people want to get old before their Time
We of Dionysus feel that it is better to keep a youthful Mind

Sure there are troubles and things can Suck
But there is still more to life than just making a Buck

Get out and have some Fun
You regret it you do not and when Life is Done

In the end why are we Alive
For more reasons than to just Strive

There had better be a reason for all this Work
Or we are just a stupid Jerk

So keep a thread of happiness through your Days
Think of a child and how he Plays

We were all once children Too
And then we did need to be told that this is what we should Do

We all need to find that happy Place
If you need a reminder, just look into a child’s Face

So Dionysus hear us across the Miles
And fill our lives with Youthful Smiles

Dionysus Youthful Mind

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