Hecate Drella

Note: Drella is a heroine of Hecate, which is featured in some of my fictional works


Maiden of the Moon

We wish to see you Soon


Women are more than just beauty and Vice

They can be powerful and like a crescent Slice


Witch-women full of strength and Pride

With you power become our Guide


Take up the Fight

As we enter the Night


Be the Child

At home in the Wild


Wise woman, matron, Crone

With you at my side I am never Alone


So be here as the Moon fills the Sky

Show me the true path and I will not need to ask Why


The Crossroads loom before Us

Like Primitive man leaving the Forest


With lightning bolt in Hand

You protect the Land


To be one with Drella

Makes me a Lucky Fella

Hecate Drella

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Hecate Discipline

If we seek to better the human Race
It is better not to flail all over the Place

Once a path is chosen it should be completed and Done
Then maybe later we can have some Fun

One thing we must respect is the use of our Time
I do not wish to be a fool a squander Mine

Focus and dedication are what we Need
Sometimes we must overcome hedonism’s Greed

For every side tasks no matter how small Distracts
Soon having the time is what we will Lack

So Hecate we call out to Thee
Help us push away the mundania so we can be Free

Because we wish to open to door to our true Fate
So soon we can enter the Great

As I move across the Land
Please take my Hand

I will become one with You
And then I will be able to complete all I have to Do

So great Goddess hear us this Day
And let things be as we Say

Hecate Discipline

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Hecate Influence

I do not care if it is not my Right
For my betterment I Fight

Be it animal, mineral, or Man
I will seek to mold them to fit into my Plan

Yes, their resources are my to Take
I need them if I want to live in the Great

But I’m not a greedy Bastard
I just want to meet my personal goals Faster

I do not want to hinder others or Hurt
I am not just a selfish Jerk

But yet, I also have visions and Goals
To make them happen there will be Tolls

Tools that I would rather others have to Pay
In the end I want things to swing favorably my Way

So great Hecate hear us this Night
Help us succeed so we can bask in Delight

We seek to become with your Glory
As we Paint our own Story

So look over Us
As it is you that we Trust

Hecate Influence

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Hecate Manipulation

I’m serious when I say screw being Fair
We of Hecate need to Manipulate with Flare

We have to be in control of what we Need
It is our wants, needs, and desires the others must Feed

So Hecate look down at us this Night
For to better our way we will always Fight

To aid us when we are being put to the Test
We need to convince others that our way is Best

In a world where the things we need to accomplish are Infinitive
We need to help give others the Initiative

Use them, make them see our path, our Way
Make then follow and work as we Say

It would be nice to do it all Ourselves
But it does not hurt to have other be our busy little Elves

We will do the Math
And get the muggles to follow our Path

Guide them through the right direction at the Crossroads
So they can our servants, our Toads

Once we are the Master
Everything will happen Faster

Hecate Manipulation

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Hecate Leadership

Great Hecate in this world of strife and Greed
There are often times when a Hero should Lead

As we travel down our Path
There are those that stoke or Wraith

But we need not strive Alone
After all I am Alex Bone

So this great Night
Help me set things Right

Since all our abilities are Unique
It is allies that I Seek

Friends will help me make a Stand
Whether it is for personal both, the community, or defending the Land

So grant me the power to rise above and lead the Way
Bring truth and goals out of the Mundainia Sway

For we seek to travel Together
In both good and bad Weather

For I seek to lead the Pack
So insure that Charisma I never Lack

So great Hecate as I call out to Thee
As I will so mote it Be

Hecate Leadership

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Hecate Promotion

Great Hecate send out our message and help influence the Sway
For we seek to be growing bigger each Day

Turn their eyes toward Us
Have them see our products and Lust

We want them to be our money Whore
And bring capital to our Door

Help fill their minds with Desire
And with our products they will never Tire

In this world full of competition and Greed
It is our mouth we wish the masses to Feed

Bring their thoughts toward us Online
As we move into the Devine

For when you help us, you help Yourself
For we work for you like a busy Elf

Charisma, capital, and power
Grant us our goals each Hour

So this Night we call out to Thee
Grant us these boons, keep us be Free

As we travel toward our Goal
Help us enlighten our Soul


Hecate Promotion


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Hecate Waxing Moon

Growing brighter against the Sky
New projects and Tasks I aim to Try


The growing Moon looms over Me
Filling my body and soul with a creative spark of Energy

I seek the oneness and New
Aid me Goddess of the crossroads, showing me what I must Do

Now is the time to begin, grow and become Stronger
I will be malingering no Longer

In my faith Hecate I am always true to You
Point me in the direction I should be traveling To

Travel and Choice are not a Burden
With success I wish to be Flirting

So as the energy of the growing Moon fills the Night
Bring forth the endpoint leading to Delight

New life and Goals
Help destroy the negativity that take its Tolls

The Zero
Is replaced by the Hero

I break off from the Meek
I Seek, quest and become Complete


.Hecate Waxing Moon



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