Apollo Attack

Enemies of the Righteous lurk on every Side
Yet from our Fury they can not Hide
A Mighty Blade fills my Hand
With vengeance I sweep Evil From the Land
Those that attempt to Corrupt and Manipulate
We seek to Anniolate
Evil spreads like a Germ,
But this day they will meet their end with a Squirm
We never stray from our Task
CKA Yes Constantly Kick Ass
May Evil fall before US
Until we reclaim the Forests

Apollo Attack

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Hecate Empowerment

Muggle Bullshit flows around Me

Staining all that I see



We seek a better Place

Developing our Human Race


We who are of the Magick

Seek to raise our lives above the boring Tragic


Yet to do this we must be granted Strength and Power

Hecate grant us your blessings this Hour



We wish to raise above the pathetic Norm

Reach toward the glory above the Mundania Storm



Servants of Magick and wonder we Be

We wish to throw away the shackles and be Free



Give us the Strength to rise above the Rest

Then for you be assured we will do beyond our Best



To walk the path of the Great Work, one must be Strong

Yet when one is hungry and weak, it feels so Wrong



We are your Students in this Great Work

Our Duty we will never shirk



So Empower us above all others this Night

And Together the children of Magick will bask in our Delight


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Hecate Mundania Override

Mistress Mother Alive in the Dark


On the Souls of All Mages you leave your Mark



Lady of Power I beseech you to listen to Me


For servants to you we surely Be



To be a Mage many needs must be Met


Over Mundane Issues we Should not have to Fret


This Night this Day this Hour


Let our Personal Power Flower


Success and Strength we wish to Possess


So as to rise above the Muggle Rest


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