Apollo Warrior Attainment

Shining Sword in Hand
You step up to defend the Land
Every Day every Hour
The Meek and Helpless are protected by your Power
I am the Soldier, the Warrior, the Agent of Weal
Though my sword cuts, through its action I allow the Earth to Heal
For everywhere the servants of Evil Lurk
My Duty as the Defender I shall not Shirk
If you betray the Good and Cross the Line
Be assured that Vengeance will soon be Mine
Apollo and my Blade become one with Me
Forever I fight until we are finally Free

Apollo Warrior

Apollo Warrior

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Dionysus Scene

At times one just needs to get Out
Hear me as I release a Shout

Being at home or in the forest is all Good
But sometimes we mingle and we Should

Spread the wealth, ideas, and Fun
For in the end we are all One

So Great Dionysus protect me from Harm
When I exit the Warm

I go out to see strangers and Friends
I hope this good time never Ends

Meeting new people and getting exposed to the Wow
These are things I want to do Now

I travel into the Night
Searching for the Delight

As I leave my Home
I begin to explore the Unknown

So Baccus Shine you love down on Me
With your love I will be set Free



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Apollo Sunlight Alignment

Holy one, Glory of the Sun
All Beings look Up to You as One
Master of Light, of Right and Weal
Aid us now, so Our Souls may Heal
Sword of Righteousness, Defender of the Meek
It his your Divine Strength and Fortitude we Seek
The Sun Creates all Life
We Wish to Grow as we rid the World of Strife
Infuse us with the Strength of your Light
In Return we will aid you in your War against the Night
Burning, Flaming with the Power of the Sun
Embrace me and now my work in Never Done

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