Dionysus Anytime Anywhere

There are people that like to box in their Fun

As if there were only certain times it can be Done


We of Dionysus do not believe in such Things

Fun never stops and new fun always Begins


There is no certain place where we have good Times

And there is no place excluded from our Rhymes


Be it at work, home, or Play

Send loads of fun our Way


I can have fun alone or with my Brothers

Since all living things are Lovers


Make things happen Now

Because we know How


We will have fun, morning, noon, and Night

And Dionysus we ask you to aid us in basking in the Delight


So again we call out to Thee

Rain good times and fun down on Me


No matter where I stand

That is where fun should Land

Dionysus Anywhere

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Dionysus Snacks

Sometimes when you are on the Attack
It is good to just eat a Snack

Other types of food can be Great
But sometimes we do not want a full Plate

Maybe I do not want to be a busy Beaver
And I would rather not cook Either

Men like Salty
So when I buy chips do not fault Me

Women like the Sweet
We buy it for them, because women are Neat

So pass be some Chip
Hey where is the Dip

I want to do as I Please
Hey these taste like Cheese

Ahh this is Bliss
Delicious Happiness

Dionysus that for all we Get
You are the wildest God Yet

Dionysus Snacks

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Inanna Traveling Through Hell

When it comes to Love

Many of us rise Above

We want to treat it gently like a Dove


Even with what you put me Through

There is nothing I would not do for You

I hope you know this will always be True


Pleasure or Hell

Sometimes hard to Tell

But in the end I hope we each get treated Well

inanna hell

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Apollo Aiding Mankind

We are all of one Face
Members of this Human Race

Some our stronger than Others
But deep down we are all sisters and Brothers

Part of the path of Light
Is helping others with your Might

As the light shines down on Me
I will not rest until all humanity is Free

So Apollo aid is this Day
Help us free everyone from evil and Decay

I will aid my fellow Man
And seek to bring us all toward the righteous Plan


Apollo Aiding Mankind


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Apollo Path of Righteousness

We must always Fight
For what we believe is Right

The path is difficult and Long
But we must retain our values and be Strong

Temptations and obstacles lie at every Turn
But through these we must pass in order to Learn

The warrior must no pause even if he knows Dread
For the path of peril is ours to Tread

So Apollo we can out to you this Day
We seek to be worthy and fight towards the Holy light through the Fray

Embrace me now for I am Ready
I pledge to hold my convictions Steady

Apollo Path of Rightouesness

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Inanna Female Form

Like a Cat your body is sleek and Fine
Inanna you bring the female form into the Devine
Kissing you is like drinking the finest Wine

Females are a treat for the Eyes
They make men forget the Lies
We ask again even after a million Tries

We watch, like looking at a work of Art
Sure our longing is not always thought out or Smart
But with us you are more than just a pretty face on a Tart

inanna Female

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