Hermes David Devins

Note: David Devins is a fictional hero of mine that is a servant of Hermes in one of my Novels

Heroes are more than giant men swinging Swords

They can be thinkers, leaders, and spiritual Lords


David Devins is all of the Above

Knowing that strength comes through Love


He constantly fights to make the Earth a better place

Protect and save the Human Race


Hermes blesses us with the divine Mists

Through his Spirit our Souls Exist


Even if the fight may never End

In David Devins the Earth will always have a Friend


So this day we call out to Thee

For we seek to be eternally Free


David I wish to be like You

Caring, Strong, and True

Jack Dagger

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Hermes Speed

There is always so much one must Do
If you do not get things done they pile up on You

Hermes help me get through this Plight
Help me accomplish as much as possible before I bed down for the Night

I feel the Need
To become one with your Speed

I wish to raise above the mundainia Norm
To make this happen through my special tasks I must Storm

But even normal tasks can be a Barrier
I must also got those done to be Merrier

So Hermes hear my plea
Lend part of your celerity to Me

If I can become one with You
There is no limit to the Tasks I could do

Hermes Speed

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Hermes Thievery

We do not have to play by other’s Rules
Those that follow them blindly are Fools

There is no obligation to play Fair
And when we break the laws why not do it with Flair

There is no reason to lose control, however, or be Manic
For going too far could cause bad outcomes and Panic

Just a little to even the Odds
Gain a bit to avoid being a Clod

Because we never get as much as we Deserve
Fuck being a peasant that does nothing but Serve

So Hermes we ask you to Protect
While our own justice we Erect

So guide my Hand
So more free things in my pocket will Land

Hermes Thief Larger

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Hermes Messenger

Today I create a message for others to See
Let this Idea flow away and return to Me

A Concept, an Idea, a Goal
Return favorably enriching my Soul

Competition is deadly and Fierce
The barriers of rejection I wish to Pierce

Be it day or night or during your Magickal Hour
I want the seeds I plant to bud and Flower

I want to leave my mark before I Rest
Expose others to your Magick and past this Life’s Test

It is difficult in this Age
To walk the road of the Mage

Still I always strive to do my Best
So please grant me sweet Success

Hermes Messenger

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Hermes Healing Embrace

As Above, As below, the Spirit is what we seek to not Lack
Yet sometimes the Material holds us Back
Hermes Bless, Receive and Heal US.
Embrace us with the Power of your Caduceus
The Body is Weak and must be Maintained
If not we are forced to Focus of the Mundane
What was once Whole, can be Whole Again
Release this Body from its Pain
Bind, Bandage, Heal
So we may fight, be it dark, gray or Weal
Mind and Body should be one, but for this to happen the Healing must be Done
We look up to Thee
Embracing the Mists until we are Free

Hermes Healing

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Hermes Random Luck

Random chance is all I See
Let the Luck Flow over Me
Hermes you are the Eternal Rambler
Aid me on my Quest to be a Gambler
One Card, one Number has the same chance as Another
Cheat random Fate and please Favor your Brother
Bring the Luck down onto Me
Open the gates and Flood me with Money
I wish to persevere and rise above the Throng
Aid me in becoming Financially Strong
Bring life away from the Tragic
Let us Feast on all the Magick
In the End each day is another Page
Fill them each with Glory as I embrace the Mage


Hermes Randm Luck


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Hermes Prime Focus

There is but one Great Work of the Soul
Yet day to day Muggle Bullshit, will take its Toll
The Spirit seeks the Prime
Even when we lose our way over Time
This day we light a Candle at Dusk
Knowing in whom we need to put our Trust
Mercury, Hermes, the Messenger in Flight
Guide us now as we head into Night
We Seek to Focus on the True
We Wish to Become One with You
My Spirit, my Soul, My Ki
I organize my energy knowing Why
Energy and Power flow into Me
I release myself from the mundania and a Mage I Be


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