Tezcatlipoca Saturday

This will be my Day
And I want to live it my Way

Whether I strive for darkness or Light, Chaos of Rest
I will do my best and rise to the daily Test



tezcatlipoca saturday

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Hermes Thievery

We do not have to play by other’s Rules
Those that follow them blindly are Fools

There is no obligation to play Fair
And when we break the laws why not do it with Flair

There is no reason to lose control, however, or be Manic
For going too far could cause bad outcomes and Panic

Just a little to even the Odds
Gain a bit to avoid being a Clod

Because we never get as much as we Deserve
Fuck being a peasant that does nothing but Serve

So Hermes we ask you to Protect
While our own justice we Erect

So guide my Hand
So more free things in my pocket will Land

Hermes Thief Larger

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Loki Quest

We step up to do our Best
As we start our personal Quest

Setting out to leave our Mark
Traveling through the light and the Dark

Boons and dangers litter our Path
Try to stop us and feel out Wrath

So Loki guide our Feet
And make sure we find what we Seek

And as the day bleeds into the Night
We know we are doing what is Right

Loki Quest

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Hermes Messenger

Today I create a message for others to See
Let this Idea flow away and return to Me

A Concept, an Idea, a Goal
Return favorably enriching my Soul

Competition is deadly and Fierce
The barriers of rejection I wish to Pierce

Be it day or night or during your Magickal Hour
I want the seeds I plant to bud and Flower

I want to leave my mark before I Rest
Expose others to your Magick and past this Life’s Test

It is difficult in this Age
To walk the road of the Mage

Still I always strive to do my Best
So please grant me sweet Success

Hermes Messenger

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Dionysus Dolphin

We of Dionysus care about the Sea
Let its gentle water swirl around Me

And within the Ocean Depths
The Dolphin are quite Adept

Dolphins swim free and Fast
I hope their kind will always Last

They are very intelligent Too
In the end probably smart than me and You

Sometimes they feel Torn
Because we all now that Fah loves Porn

But we need to save them every chance we Get
From the dark plotting of Set

So Dionysus hear us the Baccanaught
Help us not forget what our Ocean brothers have Taught

Like them we seek to be Free
More like the Chaos sign in any direction around Me

So help us be True
And be free just like You

Detail of Dionysus Changing Pirates Into Dolphins

4th century A. D. — Detail of Dionysus Changing Pirates Into Dolphins — Image by © Vanni Archive/CORBIS

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