Yig Snake Dance

Under and over I move through the trees.

In light or darkness I move as I please.
At one with the Earth

The bosom of my Birth
Life without toils

Food by fang or coils
Basking in the sun

A life of leisure and fun

Yig Sanke Dance

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Dionysus To Hell with Stress

We of Dionysus want to live Life

But stress can stab into our good times like a Knife


Stress is the killer of good Times

Fuck stress, it never Rhymes


Stress come after me in you Dare

I’ll leave you in a busy intersection with just your Underwear


Your Place

Is not in my Face


I want to kick it Out

Scream and Shout


Have fun and focus on the Positive

Grab everything that this life can Give


Life always tries to Hammer at You

Ruminate on all the difficult things you must Do


Screw that Noise

We are not stress’s Toys


I am here have Fun

And I will not stop till that is Done

Dionysus to hell with stress big

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Dionysus Focus

We of Dionysus love Chaos a Lot
But overwhelming Chaos can put you in a tough Spot

Sure we want to kick ass and do all we Can
But sometimes things can get out of Hand

There will always be way too much to Do
Sometimes the tasks can slip away from You

When we need to do this that and 900 other Things
We often can lose track of where we should really Begin

Chaos is Good
We need to be able to use it like we Should

Take advantage of the things that are Offered
Be it stolen time, help, or money in the Coffers

Our goal is to have Fun
But sometimes this is impossible if we do not have enough Done

We do not want to work like a Jerk
But in order to enjoy life, some things can’t be Shirked

So Dionysus shine your Magick down on Us
And we will be happy and not have to Cuss

Dionysus Focus Bigger

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Dionysus See Me Roar

Just take one look at Me
And you will witness a guy being all he can Be

You will not see a Frown
Yet neither the laughter of the Clown

Before you stands a modern Warrior
And watch him step up and Score

He will be slamming this and doing That
While others grow old and Fat

Pushing away normal Expectations
Not part of under Estimations

Moving through the worlds of creativity in a fluid Dance
Giving the worthy a new Chance

Tackling Projects no one would Dare
Moving through the world with Flare

So Dionysus grant me this Grace
And I will help others see your True Face

And as the endless day burns though the Action
May we both be given Satisfaction

Dionysus See Me Roar

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Hermes Speed

There is always so much one must Do
If you do not get things done they pile up on You

Hermes help me get through this Plight
Help me accomplish as much as possible before I bed down for the Night

I feel the Need
To become one with your Speed

I wish to raise above the mundainia Norm
To make this happen through my special tasks I must Storm

But even normal tasks can be a Barrier
I must also got those done to be Merrier

So Hermes hear my plea
Lend part of your celerity to Me

If I can become one with You
There is no limit to the Tasks I could do

Hermes Speed

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Apollo Matt Narrows

Warrior setting out to aid the human Race

He is now wearing Matt Narrow’s Face


Once he felt like a worthless Zero

But now he is our Hero


Apollo Guide our Hand

And we help him defend the Land


From the human pit of Sorrows

Flees Matt Narrows


Help him move forward and set an Example

Let he be the goodness that others can Sample


Evil he will Vanquish

The taint on our souls will Vanish

Dalsala Den

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