Yig Nature’s Balance

Terrible plagues drive at the Land

When mankind interferes with his Hand


Nature balances itself and its power is Keen

But when humans interfere the reality for the Animals gets Mean


Servants our here for the Earth

And shall protect the animals in their true place of Birth

Yig nature's balance big

Others we Eradicate

So we can help guide the Earth toward its true Fate


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Yig Father Of Earth

There is more put there than meets the Eye

Villains mortal and Magick wish our planet to Die


Servants of Yig, we need to be Stronger.

Let them eat at our home no Longer.


Ours is the Chaos that Creates

Drive the enemy past our Gates


We keep our Planet Safe and Free

For the Warriors of Earth we Be

Yig Father


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Yig Leadership

Snaking through the History of the world I never Cease

Warrior of Life the souls of evil I Release

Only when nature is free, will I find Peace


I journey forth as a Leader this Day

Over all living things I hold Sway

No worthy blow shall I Stay


Humans are the takers yet givers of Life

It is up to us to protect the Earth from damaging Strife

For machines and Pollution cut like a Knife


Mighty Yig I seek to do your Bidding

Lead others against those who are so Unforgiving

We wish to cease the eternal Building


Taking to battle I led in the Front

Fighting, winning, pulling off every Stunt

Protecting all life from the mighty to the lowest Runt


With Weapon in Hand

We protect the Land

Leaving our enemy’s blood on the Sand


All Battles need a Leader

This one is far from Meager

To lead against your enemies I am Always Eager


So he my Plea

Send your Blessings Over Me

So that one day this Planet shall be Free


Yig leadership


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Yig’s Animals

I wish to one with the Forest
and feel the Animals scampering over Us
On the Earth, in the air or Sea
The Woods always Beckon to Me
Yig Allfather, Feathered serpent, Snake
We fight for the Earth for its own Sake
Creatures of the Earth Deserve their Life
Followers of Yig, pledge to protect them from Strife

yig, Pheonix

Animals also Surround me at Home
Please bless these as well for hard to them is impossible to Condone
All animals we wish to save and Protect
All things from Whales to the smallest Insect
They are our friends and love us in their own Way
Fight for animal freedom, each and every Day
For who are we to claim to be Above
When they put forth such primal Love

Yig Chaos baby

We were born with a Purpose
Save the world and protect the Forest
Animals need not be Alone
There are protected by heroes like Alex Bone
Environments crash and things are Hard
But need to save both the wilderness and our own back Yard
Thoughtless Humans we will be no Longer
We continue to fight, helping the world grow Stronger

Yig icon

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Yig’s Warrior of the Earth

As have so many that have come Before
I embrace the ways of the Warrior
I pledge myself to you Yig, as do Gwar

For a servant of the Earth, I do myself Swear
Destroying the planet I will Forbear
Those that do, had best Beware

At work, at home, or in Play
I follow the cause of the Earth as I May
Focus to move it towards core of perfection and correct discordic Sway

This world has given me Birth
I repay the debt, fighting for my Earth
Seeking to prove my own Worth

There are those who seek to harm and Destroy
They are whom I seek to annihilate and Annoy
With the life of the planet I will not let them Toy

The Earth is Alive
Only with its blessing do we Survive
For my home I will always Strive

Any enemy that comes before Me
Will be forced to face a harsh Reality
For from my quest I shall not flee

With Axe, Dagger, and Sword
We seek our Reward
Now it if the thick forest I move Toward.

Yig Warrior

Yig Warrior


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Yig Nature’s Embrace

I am a Child of the Earth

Let Nature Embrace Me


I live as an Animal

Let the Beasts Embrace me


I am at one with the Forests

Let the Plants Embrace Me


I am a Child of the Sun

Let the Light Embrace Me


I Feel the Freedom of the Bird

Let the Winds Embrace Me


My heart burns with the Fire of the Making

Let the Flame Embrace Me


I Come From the Water

Let the Rivers Embrace Me


I am as one with the Desert

Let the Sands Embrace Me

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