Loki Chaos Embracing

Most people think that life is a battle between the Dark and the Light
But Order and Chaos also Fight

Chaos is what makes life interesting and Sweet
It also provides the dangers that Heroes Seek

Too much safety and the world is Boring
It will leave us Snoring

Loki we embrace Chaos for You
Never completely knowing what it will Do

And as the day comes to an End
I Join with Chaos as a Friend

Loki Chaos

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Dionysus Focus

We of Dionysus love Chaos a Lot
But overwhelming Chaos can put you in a tough Spot

Sure we want to kick ass and do all we Can
But sometimes things can get out of Hand

There will always be way too much to Do
Sometimes the tasks can slip away from You

When we need to do this that and 900 other Things
We often can lose track of where we should really Begin

Chaos is Good
We need to be able to use it like we Should

Take advantage of the things that are Offered
Be it stolen time, help, or money in the Coffers

Our goal is to have Fun
But sometimes this is impossible if we do not have enough Done

We do not want to work like a Jerk
But in order to enjoy life, some things can’t be Shirked

So Dionysus shine your Magick down on Us
And we will be happy and not have to Cuss

Dionysus Focus Bigger

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Dionysus Dolphin

We of Dionysus care about the Sea
Let its gentle water swirl around Me

And within the Ocean Depths
The Dolphin are quite Adept

Dolphins swim free and Fast
I hope their kind will always Last

They are very intelligent Too
In the end probably smart than me and You

Sometimes they feel Torn
Because we all now that Fah loves Porn

But we need to save them every chance we Get
From the dark plotting of Set

So Dionysus hear us the Baccanaught
Help us not forget what our Ocean brothers have Taught

Like them we seek to be Free
More like the Chaos sign in any direction around Me

So help us be True
And be free just like You

Detail of Dionysus Changing Pirates Into Dolphins

4th century A. D. — Detail of Dionysus Changing Pirates Into Dolphins — Image by © Vanni Archive/CORBIS

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Apollo Perseverance

On every side of us dangers Lie
But no matter how difficult the task, one must still Try

It would be easy to give up like the Meek
When being a warrior is what we truly Seek

So Apollo shine your heavenly light down upon us this Day
And dedicated to our goals we will Stay

No matter how impossible the odds might Seem
We will insure that their completion is more than just a Dream

Even when we have to strive again and again and Again
We will persevere to the End

So hear us great lord of Light
And grant us power against the slacker ways of the Night

Apollo Perseverence

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Dionysus Fight For Your Right To Party

Sometimes you just need to Throw Down
But with a hundred obstacles, it is hard to get things off the Ground

But we of Dionysus do not Care
We will party anyway and do it with Flair

Someone has to get the party Going
Hell, we will even keep it Flowing

Push the worries Aside
From the trails of life, we can still Hide

Some might say, no, Don’t
But just because you want us to stop, we Won’t

I’m here to get the party Started
Not lay around like I just Farted

So gear up for some Fun
Because we are going to get this Done

Dionysus bless us this Night
For having a good time all the time is always Right

From sister to Brother
Dionysus is always our spiritual Father

Dionysus Fight

Dionysus Fight for you right to party

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Yig Growth

The Smallest strand of DNA
Circles Spirals, Expands Each Day
Just as a seed Planted in the Earth
Is required of the Largest Redwood’s Birth

I myself have Grown
From a child, moving into the Unknown
Now as a Man I stand before Thee
Both my mind and Body I wish to set free

Great Yig I hear you Calling
Seeking your essence I should never be Stalling
Overcome my Trails
Live through and receive Smiles

I seek to be Better than Before
Increase my skills and be a Warrior
So please aid me in my Quest
So I can be a servant who is at his best

Yig Growth

Yig Growth


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Yig, The Year of Yig

We always strive to make our lives Big

But never more so than during a Year of Yig

Yig brings us back to the Earth

So we can celebrate our original Birth

When the numbers of the year add to Eight

It is the All-Father serpent that guides our Fate

We grow free and Strong

Follow the right trail and not the Wrong

Build on our Goals and create new Life

Push away the darkness and Strife

Embrace all existence within our Heart

And a new motivated life we Start

So Yig empower your Children that follow your Way

Let them grow stronger each Day

And while the year of Yig is Here

Let everything become impossibly Clear

Yig Year

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