Dionysus Caffeine

Sometimes we just need to kick Ass

When this is the case Caffeine we should not Pass


In this world where there is so much to Do

The Pressure can slam onto You


Sometimes a little help can go a long Way

Why not use more tools to control the Chaotic Sway


So let Soda and such flow into Me

And I will race to accomplish all the Goals that I See


For doing one thing is never Enough

Sometimes in life you have to get Rough


During the Night we have Beer and Wine

But in the early hours Caffeine is Divine


So as I set Out

Hear my shout Out


Dionysus send your energy down on Me

So of these tasks I can be Free


Why do I want to be Free

So later I can Party

Dionysus Cola

Dionysus Cola

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YIG Entropy Guide

The Path of Life has Eight Hundred Directions at Once

Each day we are Faced with more Choices then we Realize


Servants of Yig

Are one with the Chaos


Like a Snake they can move in any direction at any Time

But move Forward once the Direction is Chosen


I seek to be like the Snake

Let the Chaos Embrace Me


I Wish to be like the Leaf in the Wind

Which Lands on the Pot of Gold


Let the Chaos Infuse Me

Entropy shall be my Guide


Take me down the right Road

The path of Greatness Awaits


The Journey continues Forever

I am the traveler, who Seeks, Finds, and becomes Complete



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Apollo Family Blessing

Apollo take my Family into your Arms

Bless us and Keep us from Harm


Turn away other Evil Thoughts and Deeds

Help Protect our Needs


We Strive to Follow a Path that is True

Even if We are often unsure what to Do


Take us into your Loving Embrace

As we seek the betterment of the Human Race


It is you that has Sworn to Protect

From the Evil Plotting of Set


In the Night and During the Day

Please help us with the things over which you have Sway 

Apollo Family Blessing

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