Dionysus Baccanaght

It comes every Night
And always fills us with Delight

We do not know if it is Yesterday or Tomorrow
But a Baccanaght will never fill us with Sorrow

No it is our joy that will be Had
And this makes us Very Glad

We stand together as Midnight rolls By
Laughing with Dionysus until the sun reaches our Sky

Dionysus you are the hidden but yet always There
You fill the world with Flair

Dionysus we love You
Thanks for all that you Do

Baccanaght is are way to the Holy
We bat off negativity like a manic Goalie

The night grows ever Longer
And with you at our side we grow Stronger

So hear us Sing
With you our souls are always in Spring

dionysus Baccanaght

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Hecate Influence

I do not care if it is not my Right
For my betterment I Fight

Be it animal, mineral, or Man
I will seek to mold them to fit into my Plan

Yes, their resources are my to Take
I need them if I want to live in the Great

But I’m not a greedy Bastard
I just want to meet my personal goals Faster

I do not want to hinder others or Hurt
I am not just a selfish Jerk

But yet, I also have visions and Goals
To make them happen there will be Tolls

Tools that I would rather others have to Pay
In the end I want things to swing favorably my Way

So great Hecate hear us this Night
Help us succeed so we can bask in Delight

We seek to become with your Glory
As we Paint our own Story

So look over Us
As it is you that we Trust

Hecate Influence

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Loki Outside

Sometimes we all need to Hide
The best place to do so is Outside

There is more outside than In
And is often a good place for a quest to Begin

Become one with the Prime
So we can gain energy on its Dime

So Loki aid us wherever we Are
And we will be sure to travel Far

And in both day and Night
We will Bask in your Delight

Loki Outside

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Inanna Freedom

We are always really Free
And that is how I want to Be
But sometimes the pressures of reality press in on Me

Push that Away
So we can do our own tasks or Play
And that will make for a beautiful Day

So let nothing block my Path
And pleasure and accomplishment will be my Bath
For I can do my own Math


inanna Freedom


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Dionysus Baccanaght Bucks

Some people want to play everything Straight
For us that does not sound too Great

We of Dionysus like to make Capital Too
But it could be a strange way that we Do

Everyone has their own type of Plan
Be they a woman or a Man

So Dionysus look down at Us
As we spend the money given to our Trust

Holy Fuck
You never know how one might make a Buck

When hedonism is at Work
We might just have to Smirk

And day turns to Night
We get the pay off and Delight

So Dionysus we sing our praise onto Thee
Thank you for Protecting the Free

And no we sit back and enjoys the Spoils
That did not come from mundane Toils

Dionysus Bucks

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