Yig, The Year of Yig

We always strive to make our lives Big

But never more so than during a Year of Yig

Yig brings us back to the Earth

So we can celebrate our original Birth

When the numbers of the year add to Eight

It is the All-Father serpent that guides our Fate

We grow free and Strong

Follow the right trail and not the Wrong

Build on our Goals and create new Life

Push away the darkness and Strife

Embrace all existence within our Heart

And a new motivated life we Start

So Yig empower your Children that follow your Way

Let them grow stronger each Day

And while the year of Yig is Here

Let everything become impossibly Clear

Yig Year

Discover how the Heroes of Yig get the job done here


2 thoughts on “Yig, The Year of Yig

  1. We should do something with both our clans perhaps a weekend that we aren’t booked or even if f we are we could make room in the main house or even if it was late enough we could pitch tents. We could spend our afternoons doing desert trips and our evenings by the pool.

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