Inanna Motherfucker

Motherfucker… there is no Reason
Motherfucker… Always in Season
Motherfucker… I am not Teasing

Sometimes anger guises Me
Then I feel Free
Get your ass away from Me

Know what I can Do
You want this nowhere near You
You fucking Stu Bum Lou

Inanna MF

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Inanna Freedom

We are always really Free
And that is how I want to Be
But sometimes the pressures of reality press in on Me

Push that Away
So we can do our own tasks or Play
And that will make for a beautiful Day

So let nothing block my Path
And pleasure and accomplishment will be my Bath
For I can do my own Math


inanna Freedom


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Inanna Traveling Through Hell

When it comes to Love

Many of us rise Above

We want to treat it gently like a Dove


Even with what you put me Through

There is nothing I would not do for You

I hope you know this will always be True


Pleasure or Hell

Sometimes hard to Tell

But in the end I hope we each get treated Well

inanna hell

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Inanna Images

Some might think it is Bad
But seeing a beautiful woman can make many Glad
Seeing a prefect one leaves you feeling Rad
Come on face it women are Hot
Many are those that Like them a Lot
If you do not like them I will leave you to your Rot
So Inanna please bless Us
And forgive me if I look at your Bust
And know that when it comes to appreciating the female form you can count on Us


Inanna Art


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Inanna Mistress

Many are those that have a Spouse
Sometimes they make you feel like a Louse
But they is more to life than just your House

Inanna look down and See
I need someone who is nicer to Me
There are more than one fish in our giant Sea

So please make sure secrets are Kept
They need not know where else we have Slept
For my mistress I will always be Pepped

Inanna Misress

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Inanna Breasts

Breasts are made for Babies
But when given the opportunity, adults rarely say Maybe
To ignore their wonder you would have to be Crazy


They are just so nice and looking at them lowers my blood pressure Too
When I see them that are so many things I want to Do
And after I touch them I want to Screw


So Inanna Bless us this Night
Allow us to bask in your Delight
For boobies I will always Fight

Inanna Blue


Inanna Transformation

For some of us the female body seems so Right
We wish we could be one every Night
We would love to look in the mirror and see a pretty Sight
Inanna I wish to be one with You
And do everything females can Do
Being a girl through and Through
So Inanna grant me your Blessing
Think of all the joy I am Missing
A Man’s mouth I should be Kissing

Inanna Transformation

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