Dionysus Fight For Your Right To Party

Sometimes you just need to Throw Down
But with a hundred obstacles, it is hard to get things off the Ground

But we of Dionysus do not Care
We will party anyway and do it with Flair

Someone has to get the party Going
Hell, we will even keep it Flowing

Push the worries Aside
From the trails of life, we can still Hide

Some might say, no, Don’t
But just because you want us to stop, we Won’t

I’m here to get the party Started
Not lay around like I just Farted

So gear up for some Fun
Because we are going to get this Done

Dionysus bless us this Night
For having a good time all the time is always Right

From sister to Brother
Dionysus is always our spiritual Father

Dionysus Fight

Dionysus Fight for you right to party

Learn More About Heroes that Rock the Dionysus Path Here!


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