Dionysus Snuggle

When you get tired and Cold
Snuggling never grows Old

You can do it by yourself, or with Others
For in the end we are all Brothers

Sometimes we want to get all Loffy
On out Soffy

Just tank It
And get under a Blanket

Feel happy and Neat
And make sure the blanket covers your Feet

We all work hard and do so Much
Sometimes it all goes away with one gentle Touch

So come here and give me a Kiss
Why would this be something you want to Miss

So Dionysus look down on us and keep us Warm
Remove us from the Storm

We sing our praises out to You
Thankful for all that you Do

Dionysus Snuggle

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Dionysus Baccanaght

It comes every Night
And always fills us with Delight

We do not know if it is Yesterday or Tomorrow
But a Baccanaght will never fill us with Sorrow

No it is our joy that will be Had
And this makes us Very Glad

We stand together as Midnight rolls By
Laughing with Dionysus until the sun reaches our Sky

Dionysus you are the hidden but yet always There
You fill the world with Flair

Dionysus we love You
Thanks for all that you Do

Baccanaght is are way to the Holy
We bat off negativity like a manic Goalie

The night grows ever Longer
And with you at our side we grow Stronger

So hear us Sing
With you our souls are always in Spring

dionysus Baccanaght

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Inanna Freedom

We are always really Free
And that is how I want to Be
But sometimes the pressures of reality press in on Me

Push that Away
So we can do our own tasks or Play
And that will make for a beautiful Day

So let nothing block my Path
And pleasure and accomplishment will be my Bath
For I can do my own Math


inanna Freedom


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Inanna Traveling Through Hell

When it comes to Love

Many of us rise Above

We want to treat it gently like a Dove


Even with what you put me Through

There is nothing I would not do for You

I hope you know this will always be True


Pleasure or Hell

Sometimes hard to Tell

But in the end I hope we each get treated Well

inanna hell

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Hermes Wealth Attraction

Mage, Merchant, Master of Death

Your Winged Feet carry us after our last Breath

In this world where Money has been made King

It is often difficult to know where to Begin


For the Mage there is no greater Truth

That the Material is your floor what the Spirit raises through the Roof.

Yet, to focus, be Strong, and Slick

We find that we need capital very Quick

So Great Hermes, come to us this Day

We ask you to please help send riches our Way

Empower your Servants in all things Material

So that we may be allowed to Focus of the Spiritual

This day, This night and during the Magickal Dusk

Fuel us with opportunity, strengthening Us

Hermes Wealth

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Inanna Transformation

For some of us the female body seems so Right
We wish we could be one every Night
We would love to look in the mirror and see a pretty Sight
Inanna I wish to be one with You
And do everything females can Do
Being a girl through and Through
So Inanna grant me your Blessing
Think of all the joy I am Missing
A Man’s mouth I should be Kissing

Inanna Transformation

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Yig’s Animals

I wish to one with the Forest
and feel the Animals scampering over Us
On the Earth, in the air or Sea
The Woods always Beckon to Me
Yig Allfather, Feathered serpent, Snake
We fight for the Earth for its own Sake
Creatures of the Earth Deserve their Life
Followers of Yig, pledge to protect them from Strife

yig, Pheonix

Animals also Surround me at Home
Please bless these as well for hard to them is impossible to Condone
All animals we wish to save and Protect
All things from Whales to the smallest Insect
They are our friends and love us in their own Way
Fight for animal freedom, each and every Day
For who are we to claim to be Above
When they put forth such primal Love

Yig Chaos baby

We were born with a Purpose
Save the world and protect the Forest
Animals need not be Alone
There are protected by heroes like Alex Bone
Environments crash and things are Hard
But need to save both the wilderness and our own back Yard
Thoughtless Humans we will be no Longer
We continue to fight, helping the world grow Stronger

Yig icon

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