Hermes Prime Focus

There is but one Great Work of the Soul
Yet day to day Muggle Bullshit, will take its Toll
The Spirit seeks the Prime
Even when we lose our way over Time
This day we light a Candle at Dusk
Knowing in whom we need to put our Trust
Mercury, Hermes, the Messenger in Flight
Guide us now as we head into Night
We Seek to Focus on the True
We Wish to Become One with You
My Spirit, my Soul, My Ki
I organize my energy knowing Why
Energy and Power flow into Me
I release myself from the mundania and a Mage I Be


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Hecate Empowerment

Muggle Bullshit flows around Me

Staining all that I see



We seek a better Place

Developing our Human Race


We who are of the Magick

Seek to raise our lives above the boring Tragic


Yet to do this we must be granted Strength and Power

Hecate grant us your blessings this Hour



We wish to raise above the pathetic Norm

Reach toward the glory above the Mundania Storm



Servants of Magick and wonder we Be

We wish to throw away the shackles and be Free



Give us the Strength to rise above the Rest

Then for you be assured we will do beyond our Best



To walk the path of the Great Work, one must be Strong

Yet when one is hungry and weak, it feels so Wrong



We are your Students in this Great Work

Our Duty we will never shirk



So Empower us above all others this Night

And Together the children of Magick will bask in our Delight


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Dionysus Friends

With Dionysus we focus on the self and Fun
But what good is this if we are the only One

Part of joy is sharing the fun with Others
I always feel best when I am around my Brothers

So this day we call out to Thee
My friends all around is what I want to See

The sum is greater than all the Parts
When we mingle our mind, soul, and Hearts

Whether it is day, dusk or Night
It is more fun to share the Delight

So Baccus we sing out to You
For you know what we say is True

Bless our friendships and give us long Life
Comradeship is how we tear through the Strife

So as Baccanaught comes Calling
May we get drunk until we are almost Falling

We thank you for our Friendships
As reality we seek to Slip


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Dionysus Friends

Dionysus Friends




YIG Entropy Guide

The Path of Life has Eight Hundred Directions at Once

Each day we are Faced with more Choices then we Realize


Servants of Yig

Are one with the Chaos


Like a Snake they can move in any direction at any Time

But move Forward once the Direction is Chosen


I seek to be like the Snake

Let the Chaos Embrace Me


I Wish to be like the Leaf in the Wind

Which Lands on the Pot of Gold


Let the Chaos Infuse Me

Entropy shall be my Guide


Take me down the right Road

The path of Greatness Awaits


The Journey continues Forever

I am the traveler, who Seeks, Finds, and becomes Complete



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Apollo Defensive Blessing

Warrior of Heaven with Sword in Hand

Protector of Home and Peace, Defending the Land


This Day we Call out to Thee

For Free from Evil we Wish our Home to Be


Enemies of our Flesh and Soul we seek to Banish

The Evil that Lurks, Will be Made to Vanish


Apollo Help us Defend Ourselves from those that would cause Me and Mine any Harm

Protect us when we are at home in our Warm


The World can be full of Evil and Malicious Intent

Remove Us from the Path of the Twisted and Bent


On this Day we Sign out to Thee

As I Will So Mote It Be!!!!!!

Apollo Defensive

Apollo Defensive

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Dionysus Joy

People of Dionysus search out the Joy

Even if that is what other seek to always Destroy


Yes, it is fun to accomplish and Strive

But if we do not to find Joy why we are really Alive


So please join us now in the day or the Dark

And let Joy find you and leave its positive Mark


Sure we want to accomplish and get things Done

But only so we can enjoy our Fun


Some much bullshit attacks us each Day

We are victims of the Discordic Sway


But we want to take that Chaos and make it our Friend

Ride the maelstrom until the End


So Dionysus bless us this Night

For we know that embracing Joy is always Right


In the end there is no other task for Man

For making people smile when they take Joy’s Hand


So great Baccus listen to Me

Help me find Joy and set my soul Free

Dionysus Joy

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Dionysus Slack

There is a time to Relax

And there is a time to Slack


Is there a difference, gee Wizz

Come on dumbass, of course there Is


When we relax we stop Working

When we slack we are Powerlounging 


This is more than giving yourself a break after a hard Day

Here we are throwing our work Away


So join in our Baccanaght

Or all your work is for Not


You need to have fun at the End

Or soon you are boring and without a Friend


Slack off, goof Around

Sometimes no better time can be Found


So Dionysus look down on us this Night

Let no negatives blind our Sight


For in the end there is nothing but Fun

And we your children will join as One

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dionysos slack