Hermes Wealth Attraction

Mage, Merchant, Master of Death

Your Winged Feet carry us after our last Breath

In this world where Money has been made King

It is often difficult to know where to Begin


For the Mage there is no greater Truth

That the Material is your floor what the Spirit raises through the Roof.

Yet, to focus, be Strong, and Slick

We find that we need capital very Quick

So Great Hermes, come to us this Day

We ask you to please help send riches our Way

Empower your Servants in all things Material

So that we may be allowed to Focus of the Spiritual

This day, This night and during the Magickal Dusk

Fuel us with opportunity, strengthening Us

Hermes Wealth

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Dionysus Boons

In this world where we want to have a good time, all the Time
Sometimes it is hard to make it happen when you do not have a Dime

It sucks to be broke that is True
Especially when there is so much we want to Do

So great Dionysus take pity on us so we do not have to deal with such Crap
And let us have fun even when our wallet is Tapped

Whether it is getting a drink for Free
Or money appearing from no where for Me

Sprinkle us with good luck from Above
And Help make sure we are taken care Of

Even finding ways to avoid life’s Tolls
So we can party like happy gnomes and not be stuck home like grumpy Trolls

So great Baccus hear us Now
Let us enter into the Field of Wow

Guide us to Gold and Wine
Help your followers enter into the Devine

We would appreciate this a Lot
As we enter into Baccanaght

.Dionysus Boons


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Inanna Feline

Like a female lion you stalk the Land
Fierce warrior with weapon in Hand
Like the feline you are always Grand
With cats life is a mix of leisure and deadly Skill
They can love but only if it is their Will
Treat them wrong and be part of the Kill
In day or Night
Felines always have the second Sight
We become one with them knowing it is Right

Inanna Felines

Inanna Felines

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Apollo Warrior Attainment

Shining Sword in Hand
You step up to defend the Land
Every Day every Hour
The Meek and Helpless are protected by your Power
I am the Soldier, the Warrior, the Agent of Weal
Though my sword cuts, through its action I allow the Earth to Heal
For everywhere the servants of Evil Lurk
My Duty as the Defender I shall not Shirk
If you betray the Good and Cross the Line
Be assured that Vengeance will soon be Mine
Apollo and my Blade become one with Me
Forever I fight until we are finally Free

Apollo Warrior

Apollo Warrior

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Apollo Family Blessing

Apollo take my Family into your Arms

Bless us and Keep us from Harm


Turn away other Evil Thoughts and Deeds

Help Protect our Needs


We Strive to Follow a Path that is True

Even if We are often unsure what to Do


Take us into your Loving Embrace

As we seek the betterment of the Human Race


It is you that has Sworn to Protect

From the Evil Plotting of Set


In the Night and During the Day

Please help us with the things over which you have Sway 

Apollo Family Blessing

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Loki Smoke

Unthroned we dwell in the Night

Smoke obscuring the Light


Moving as it Will

Working for good or for Ill


Hiding the Thief as he is wrapped in Smoke

Making our Enemies Choke


Loki help is pierce the Grey

Like us mold our life in our own Way


Moving I become one with the Wisps

And the Chaos Tips

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Loki Smoke

Loki Smoke

Dionysus Joy

People of Dionysus search out the Joy

Even if that is what other seek to always Destroy


Yes, it is fun to accomplish and Strive

But if we do not to find Joy why we are really Alive


So please join us now in the day or the Dark

And let Joy find you and leave its positive Mark


Sure we want to accomplish and get things Done

But only so we can enjoy our Fun


Some much bullshit attacks us each Day

We are victims of the Discordic Sway


But we want to take that Chaos and make it our Friend

Ride the maelstrom until the End


So Dionysus bless us this Night

For we know that embracing Joy is always Right


In the end there is no other task for Man

For making people smile when they take Joy’s Hand


So great Baccus listen to Me

Help me find Joy and set my soul Free

Dionysus Joy

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