Yig’s Warrior of the Earth

As have so many that have come Before
I embrace the ways of the Warrior
I pledge myself to you Yig, as do Gwar

For a servant of the Earth, I do myself Swear
Destroying the planet I will Forbear
Those that do, had best Beware

At work, at home, or in Play
I follow the cause of the Earth as I May
Focus to move it towards core of perfection and correct discordic Sway

This world has given me Birth
I repay the debt, fighting for my Earth
Seeking to prove my own Worth

There are those who seek to harm and Destroy
They are whom I seek to annihilate and Annoy
With the life of the planet I will not let them Toy

The Earth is Alive
Only with its blessing do we Survive
For my home I will always Strive

Any enemy that comes before Me
Will be forced to face a harsh Reality
For from my quest I shall not flee

With Axe, Dagger, and Sword
We seek our Reward
Now it if the thick forest I move Toward.

Yig Warrior

Yig Warrior


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YIG Entropy Guide

The Path of Life has Eight Hundred Directions at Once

Each day we are Faced with more Choices then we Realize


Servants of Yig

Are one with the Chaos


Like a Snake they can move in any direction at any Time

But move Forward once the Direction is Chosen


I seek to be like the Snake

Let the Chaos Embrace Me


I Wish to be like the Leaf in the Wind

Which Lands on the Pot of Gold


Let the Chaos Infuse Me

Entropy shall be my Guide


Take me down the right Road

The path of Greatness Awaits


The Journey continues Forever

I am the traveler, who Seeks, Finds, and becomes Complete



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Yig Nature’s Embrace

I am a Child of the Earth

Let Nature Embrace Me


I live as an Animal

Let the Beasts Embrace me


I am at one with the Forests

Let the Plants Embrace Me


I am a Child of the Sun

Let the Light Embrace Me


I Feel the Freedom of the Bird

Let the Winds Embrace Me


My heart burns with the Fire of the Making

Let the Flame Embrace Me


I Come From the Water

Let the Rivers Embrace Me


I am as one with the Desert

Let the Sands Embrace Me

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Dionysus Wine

When we wish to enter into the Devine

The best way to start is with Wine


As old as recorded History

Let the pleasures of wine flow into Me


Unfocus our Sight

As we head into Delight


Our senses Abound

As our feet feel like they have left the Ground


We can all relax while we Talk

And head into the Eternal Baccanaught


These things were put here for a Reason

Each pleasure in its own Season


Tonight we drink to you Dionysus

For we know your presence is always with Us


We seek a life full of Pleasure

And with you we find it beyond all Measure


So mighty Lord watch over your People

As this wine becomes our Temple

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