Dionysus Consume

Protecting the Earth’s Resources is Nice
Especially when human cover its beauty like maggoty Lice

I do not want to consume like a mindless Zombie
Anyone acting like that should stay the hell away from Me

Still there are times when we should live large no matter what we Deserve
And Dionysus this is why it is you that we Serve

Tasty food, treats, and Booze
I want them all do not make me Choose

I am not a Glutton
When I eat my Mutton

But Joy is what we Need
This is not always fueled by Greed

Sometimes it is just good to let loose and have Fun
And I want my piece before the day is Done

So stack the food on plates piled High
I want more than my share before I Die

On this great Baccanaught
We like it an awful Lot


Dionysus Consume


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Dionysus Protection

When what we want is to be filled with Joy
Being harassed or injured can surely Annoy


Whether one is woozy or sketching out a Plan
Please make sure that if we fall there is something soft where we Land


Dionysus watch over Us
Protect us from the cities into the Forest


People that are happy can make others Mad
Help us avoid their aggression so we are not pulled into their Sad


We try to not be in a Hurry
And we wish to party without Worry


If you watch over us during our Baccanaght
That would certainly help A Lot


So as we enter into the Night
Guide us down the path that is Right


Then we will always look up to You
And continue to work on all the things we should Do


As this drink goes to my Head
I will be happy to later find myself safely in Bed


Dionysus Protectin


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Dionysus Caffeine

Sometimes we just need to kick Ass

When this is the case Caffeine we should not Pass


In this world where there is so much to Do

The Pressure can slam onto You


Sometimes a little help can go a long Way

Why not use more tools to control the Chaotic Sway


So let Soda and such flow into Me

And I will race to accomplish all the Goals that I See


For doing one thing is never Enough

Sometimes in life you have to get Rough


During the Night we have Beer and Wine

But in the early hours Caffeine is Divine


So as I set Out

Hear my shout Out


Dionysus send your energy down on Me

So of these tasks I can be Free


Why do I want to be Free

So later I can Party

Dionysus Cola

Dionysus Cola

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Apollo Defensive Blessing

Warrior of Heaven with Sword in Hand

Protector of Home and Peace, Defending the Land


This Day we Call out to Thee

For Free from Evil we Wish our Home to Be


Enemies of our Flesh and Soul we seek to Banish

The Evil that Lurks, Will be Made to Vanish


Apollo Help us Defend Ourselves from those that would cause Me and Mine any Harm

Protect us when we are at home in our Warm


The World can be full of Evil and Malicious Intent

Remove Us from the Path of the Twisted and Bent


On this Day we Sign out to Thee

As I Will So Mote It Be!!!!!!

Apollo Defensive

Apollo Defensive

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