Dionysus See Me Roar

Just take one look at Me
And you will witness a guy being all he can Be

You will not see a Frown
Yet neither the laughter of the Clown

Before you stands a modern Warrior
And watch him step up and Score

He will be slamming this and doing That
While others grow old and Fat

Pushing away normal Expectations
Not part of under Estimations

Moving through the worlds of creativity in a fluid Dance
Giving the worthy a new Chance

Tackling Projects no one would Dare
Moving through the world with Flare

So Dionysus grant me this Grace
And I will help others see your True Face

And as the endless day burns though the Action
May we both be given Satisfaction

Dionysus See Me Roar

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Dionysus Dolphin

We of Dionysus care about the Sea
Let its gentle water swirl around Me

And within the Ocean Depths
The Dolphin are quite Adept

Dolphins swim free and Fast
I hope their kind will always Last

They are very intelligent Too
In the end probably smart than me and You

Sometimes they feel Torn
Because we all now that Fah loves Porn

But we need to save them every chance we Get
From the dark plotting of Set

So Dionysus hear us the Baccanaught
Help us not forget what our Ocean brothers have Taught

Like them we seek to be Free
More like the Chaos sign in any direction around Me

So help us be True
And be free just like You

Detail of Dionysus Changing Pirates Into Dolphins

4th century A. D. — Detail of Dionysus Changing Pirates Into Dolphins — Image by © Vanni Archive/CORBIS

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Dionysus Celebrate

We do not need a special reason to Celebrate
Every day we get to live is Great

Sometimes a Holiday crosses our Path
This happens a lot, do the Math

We could have just accomplish a Feat
And now enjoy a Retreat

Birthdays are one thing we all Crave
They favor our lives and good time they Save

Different than an average Day
It allows us to be happy as we Play

We put away the toll and the Knife
As we step up and celebrate for Life

Be it home, at another’s place, or the Woods
We have good cheer as we get the Goods

So Dionysus Bless this Magic Place
And allow us a break in the Race

Worries get pushed Aside
And from the bliss I do not Hide

Dionysus Celebrate

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Dionysus Snuggle

When you get tired and Cold
Snuggling never grows Old

You can do it by yourself, or with Others
For in the end we are all Brothers

Sometimes we want to get all Loffy
On out Soffy

Just tank It
And get under a Blanket

Feel happy and Neat
And make sure the blanket covers your Feet

We all work hard and do so Much
Sometimes it all goes away with one gentle Touch

So come here and give me a Kiss
Why would this be something you want to Miss

So Dionysus look down on us and keep us Warm
Remove us from the Storm

We sing our praises out to You
Thankful for all that you Do

Dionysus Snuggle

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Dionysus Snacks

Sometimes when you are on the Attack
It is good to just eat a Snack

Other types of food can be Great
But sometimes we do not want a full Plate

Maybe I do not want to be a busy Beaver
And I would rather not cook Either

Men like Salty
So when I buy chips do not fault Me

Women like the Sweet
We buy it for them, because women are Neat

So pass be some Chip
Hey where is the Dip

I want to do as I Please
Hey these taste like Cheese

Ahh this is Bliss
Delicious Happiness

Dionysus that for all we Get
You are the wildest God Yet

Dionysus Snacks

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Dionysus Baccanaght

It comes every Night
And always fills us with Delight

We do not know if it is Yesterday or Tomorrow
But a Baccanaght will never fill us with Sorrow

No it is our joy that will be Had
And this makes us Very Glad

We stand together as Midnight rolls By
Laughing with Dionysus until the sun reaches our Sky

Dionysus you are the hidden but yet always There
You fill the world with Flair

Dionysus we love You
Thanks for all that you Do

Baccanaght is are way to the Holy
We bat off negativity like a manic Goalie

The night grows ever Longer
And with you at our side we grow Stronger

So hear us Sing
With you our souls are always in Spring

dionysus Baccanaght

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Dionysus Baccanaght Bucks

Some people want to play everything Straight
For us that does not sound too Great

We of Dionysus like to make Capital Too
But it could be a strange way that we Do

Everyone has their own type of Plan
Be they a woman or a Man

So Dionysus look down at Us
As we spend the money given to our Trust

Holy Fuck
You never know how one might make a Buck

When hedonism is at Work
We might just have to Smirk

And day turns to Night
We get the pay off and Delight

So Dionysus we sing our praise onto Thee
Thank you for Protecting the Free

And no we sit back and enjoys the Spoils
That did not come from mundane Toils

Dionysus Bucks

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