Dionysus Baccanaght

It comes every Night
And always fills us with Delight

We do not know if it is Yesterday or Tomorrow
But a Baccanaght will never fill us with Sorrow

No it is our joy that will be Had
And this makes us Very Glad

We stand together as Midnight rolls By
Laughing with Dionysus until the sun reaches our Sky

Dionysus you are the hidden but yet always There
You fill the world with Flair

Dionysus we love You
Thanks for all that you Do

Baccanaght is are way to the Holy
We bat off negativity like a manic Goalie

The night grows ever Longer
And with you at our side we grow Stronger

So hear us Sing
With you our souls are always in Spring

dionysus Baccanaght

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Hecate Influence

I do not care if it is not my Right
For my betterment I Fight

Be it animal, mineral, or Man
I will seek to mold them to fit into my Plan

Yes, their resources are my to Take
I need them if I want to live in the Great

But I’m not a greedy Bastard
I just want to meet my personal goals Faster

I do not want to hinder others or Hurt
I am not just a selfish Jerk

But yet, I also have visions and Goals
To make them happen there will be Tolls

Tools that I would rather others have to Pay
In the end I want things to swing favorably my Way

So great Hecate hear us this Night
Help us succeed so we can bask in Delight

We seek to become with your Glory
As we Paint our own Story

So look over Us
As it is you that we Trust

Hecate Influence

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Dionysus Baccanaght Bucks

Some people want to play everything Straight
For us that does not sound too Great

We of Dionysus like to make Capital Too
But it could be a strange way that we Do

Everyone has their own type of Plan
Be they a woman or a Man

So Dionysus look down at Us
As we spend the money given to our Trust

Holy Fuck
You never know how one might make a Buck

When hedonism is at Work
We might just have to Smirk

And day turns to Night
We get the pay off and Delight

So Dionysus we sing our praise onto Thee
Thank you for Protecting the Free

And no we sit back and enjoys the Spoils
That did not come from mundane Toils

Dionysus Bucks

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Dionysus Daily Discord

Some people are always following Around
And we know one place where they can be Found


Dionysus Discord


The Daily Discord is a great Place
To get Comedy in your Face

So get Online
And Find some laughs that are Divine

Each day we have new things to Offer
Even if our work does not fill the Coffer

Something just have to be Done
Like enjoying our lives and having Fun

So whether it is fantasy silliness or political Strife
A good laugh helps you enjoy Life

Zombies and evil Crawdads Abound
In a place where no greater Comedy can be Found

So join us day, dusk, or Night
And Bask in the Delight

You will never be Bored
Once you find The Daily Discord



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Dionysus Fresh

Some people are always cooped up Inside

From the rest of the world they try to Hide


People of Dionysus are not like this at All

Be it Winter, Spring, Summer, Or Fall


So there are things we can do Within the Interior

But if that is all we focus on our lives will be Inferior



Clear my Head


Into the Fresh Air

I have little Care


Do not try to stand in my Way

I’m going outside every Day


I am an Animal

And my life I will not Cannibal


So Dionysus hear Us

Whether it is my back yard or the vast Forest


Let me enter the secret Sway

Cuz I am going outside Today

Dionysus fresh

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Dionysus Clown

Some people are always serious and Sad
And we of Dionysus think this is very Bad

Instead we wish to enjoy our Lives
Not feel like we are constantly being stabbed by tiny Knives

Sometime humor is what people Lack
When this is needed your followers are the leader of the Pack

So joke away and Laugh
Even if we are around uptight Staff

If you wait to Long
You will never be happy enough to burst out into Song

Someone has to help others Relax
So our whole life they do not Tax

If we must do it ourselves, so be It
Better than acting like a lame Shit

So Dionysus here us this Night
Let us laugh in Delight

We love to fool Around
And will always be a crazy Clown

dionysus Clown

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Dionysus Humor

You would have to be Daft
To not wish to Laugh

Humor is the cure for the Soul
When the bullshit of life takes its Toll

A discord a Day
Keeps the Healer Away

When life tries to Buckle
Let loose a Chuckle

Leave your worries Behind
As you enter into the Divine

You Dionysus are the lord of Pleasure
And we love you without Measure

With you we seek to party Good
Just like we Should

Yet the best part of the party is when we set our Laughter Free
Just like it is supposed to Be

So hear us this Night
And let us laugh with Delight

Dionysus Humor

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