Apollo Aiding Mankind

We are all of one Face
Members of this Human Race

Some our stronger than Others
But deep down we are all sisters and Brothers

Part of the path of Light
Is helping others with your Might

As the light shines down on Me
I will not rest until all humanity is Free

So Apollo aid is this Day
Help us free everyone from evil and Decay

I will aid my fellow Man
And seek to bring us all toward the righteous Plan


Apollo Aiding Mankind


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Apollo Path of Righteousness

We must always Fight
For what we believe is Right

The path is difficult and Long
But we must retain our values and be Strong

Temptations and obstacles lie at every Turn
But through these we must pass in order to Learn

The warrior must no pause even if he knows Dread
For the path of peril is ours to Tread

So Apollo we can out to you this Day
We seek to be worthy and fight towards the Holy light through the Fray

Embrace me now for I am Ready
I pledge to hold my convictions Steady

Apollo Path of Rightouesness

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Dionysus Friends

With Dionysus we focus on the self and Fun
But what good is this if we are the only One

Part of joy is sharing the fun with Others
I always feel best when I am around my Brothers

So this day we call out to Thee
My friends all around is what I want to See

The sum is greater than all the Parts
When we mingle our mind, soul, and Hearts

Whether it is day, dusk or Night
It is more fun to share the Delight

So Baccus we sing out to You
For you know what we say is True

Bless our friendships and give us long Life
Comradeship is how we tear through the Strife

So as Baccanaught comes Calling
May we get drunk until we are almost Falling

We thank you for our Friendships
As reality we seek to Slip


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Dionysus Friends

Dionysus Friends




Apollo Warrior Attainment

Shining Sword in Hand
You step up to defend the Land
Every Day every Hour
The Meek and Helpless are protected by your Power
I am the Soldier, the Warrior, the Agent of Weal
Though my sword cuts, through its action I allow the Earth to Heal
For everywhere the servants of Evil Lurk
My Duty as the Defender I shall not Shirk
If you betray the Good and Cross the Line
Be assured that Vengeance will soon be Mine
Apollo and my Blade become one with Me
Forever I fight until we are finally Free

Apollo Warrior

Apollo Warrior

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Apollo Sunlight Alignment

Holy one, Glory of the Sun
All Beings look Up to You as One
Master of Light, of Right and Weal
Aid us now, so Our Souls may Heal
Sword of Righteousness, Defender of the Meek
It his your Divine Strength and Fortitude we Seek
The Sun Creates all Life
We Wish to Grow as we rid the World of Strife
Infuse us with the Strength of your Light
In Return we will aid you in your War against the Night
Burning, Flaming with the Power of the Sun
Embrace me and now my work in Never Done

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Apollo Family Blessing

Apollo take my Family into your Arms

Bless us and Keep us from Harm


Turn away other Evil Thoughts and Deeds

Help Protect our Needs


We Strive to Follow a Path that is True

Even if We are often unsure what to Do


Take us into your Loving Embrace

As we seek the betterment of the Human Race


It is you that has Sworn to Protect

From the Evil Plotting of Set


In the Night and During the Day

Please help us with the things over which you have Sway 

Apollo Family Blessing

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Apollo Defensive Blessing

Warrior of Heaven with Sword in Hand

Protector of Home and Peace, Defending the Land


This Day we Call out to Thee

For Free from Evil we Wish our Home to Be


Enemies of our Flesh and Soul we seek to Banish

The Evil that Lurks, Will be Made to Vanish


Apollo Help us Defend Ourselves from those that would cause Me and Mine any Harm

Protect us when we are at home in our Warm


The World can be full of Evil and Malicious Intent

Remove Us from the Path of the Twisted and Bent


On this Day we Sign out to Thee

As I Will So Mote It Be!!!!!!

Apollo Defensive

Apollo Defensive

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