Hecate Influence

I do not care if it is not my Right
For my betterment I Fight

Be it animal, mineral, or Man
I will seek to mold them to fit into my Plan

Yes, their resources are my to Take
I need them if I want to live in the Great

But I’m not a greedy Bastard
I just want to meet my personal goals Faster

I do not want to hinder others or Hurt
I am not just a selfish Jerk

But yet, I also have visions and Goals
To make them happen there will be Tolls

Tools that I would rather others have to Pay
In the end I want things to swing favorably my Way

So great Hecate hear us this Night
Help us succeed so we can bask in Delight

We seek to become with your Glory
As we Paint our own Story

So look over Us
As it is you that we Trust

Hecate Influence

Learn more how Heroes are guided by Archetypes here


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