Hecate Manipulation

I’m serious when I say screw being Fair
We of Hecate need to Manipulate with Flare

We have to be in control of what we Need
It is our wants, needs, and desires the others must Feed

So Hecate look down at us this Night
For to better our way we will always Fight

To aid us when we are being put to the Test
We need to convince others that our way is Best

In a world where the things we need to accomplish are Infinitive
We need to help give others the Initiative

Use them, make them see our path, our Way
Make then follow and work as we Say

It would be nice to do it all Ourselves
But it does not hurt to have other be our busy little Elves

We will do the Math
And get the muggles to follow our Path

Guide them through the right direction at the Crossroads
So they can our servants, our Toads

Once we are the Master
Everything will happen Faster

Hecate Manipulation

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