Dionysus Consume

Protecting the Earth’s Resources is Nice
Especially when human cover its beauty like maggoty Lice

I do not want to consume like a mindless Zombie
Anyone acting like that should stay the hell away from Me

Still there are times when we should live large no matter what we Deserve
And Dionysus this is why it is you that we Serve

Tasty food, treats, and Booze
I want them all do not make me Choose

I am not a Glutton
When I eat my Mutton

But Joy is what we Need
This is not always fueled by Greed

Sometimes it is just good to let loose and have Fun
And I want my piece before the day is Done

So stack the food on plates piled High
I want more than my share before I Die

On this great Baccanaught
We like it an awful Lot


Dionysus Consume


Get in on some Dionysus Hero Action Here


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