Dionysus Protection

When what we want is to be filled with Joy
Being harassed or injured can surely Annoy


Whether one is woozy or sketching out a Plan
Please make sure that if we fall there is something soft where we Land


Dionysus watch over Us
Protect us from the cities into the Forest


People that are happy can make others Mad
Help us avoid their aggression so we are not pulled into their Sad


We try to not be in a Hurry
And we wish to party without Worry


If you watch over us during our Baccanaght
That would certainly help A Lot


So as we enter into the Night
Guide us down the path that is Right


Then we will always look up to You
And continue to work on all the things we should Do


As this drink goes to my Head
I will be happy to later find myself safely in Bed


Dionysus Protectin


Learn more about Heroes that follow Dionysus here!


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