Hecate Promotion

Great Hecate send out our message and help influence the Sway
For we seek to be growing bigger each Day

Turn their eyes toward Us
Have them see our products and Lust

We want them to be our money Whore
And bring capital to our Door

Help fill their minds with Desire
And with our products they will never Tire

In this world full of competition and Greed
It is our mouth we wish the masses to Feed

Bring their thoughts toward us Online
As we move into the Devine

For when you help us, you help Yourself
For we work for you like a busy Elf

Charisma, capital, and power
Grant us our goals each Hour

So this Night we call out to Thee
Grant us these boons, keep us be Free

As we travel toward our Goal
Help us enlighten our Soul


Hecate Promotion


Learn more about the Heroes of Hecate here.


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