Dionysus Boons

In this world where we want to have a good time, all the Time
Sometimes it is hard to make it happen when you do not have a Dime

It sucks to be broke that is True
Especially when there is so much we want to Do

So great Dionysus take pity on us so we do not have to deal with such Crap
And let us have fun even when our wallet is Tapped

Whether it is getting a drink for Free
Or money appearing from no where for Me

Sprinkle us with good luck from Above
And Help make sure we are taken care Of

Even finding ways to avoid life’s Tolls
So we can party like happy gnomes and not be stuck home like grumpy Trolls

So great Baccus hear us Now
Let us enter into the Field of Wow

Guide us to Gold and Wine
Help your followers enter into the Devine

We would appreciate this a Lot
As we enter into Baccanaght

.Dionysus Boons


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