Dionysus Flirt

If you are feeling ground into the Dirt
A good way to feel better about yourself is to Flirt

Whether it is a big deal or Small
A little flirting will make you feel strong and Tall

There does not have to be a reason or a Why
But we might as well do it now before we grown old and Die

A bit of flirting does not mean you do not love your significant Other
It just means you are not dead enough not to Bother

It is not a spit in the Face
It only proves you are a member of the Human Race

So run out and meet a new Friend
Have a little joke and a few sly smiles before the End

Do not be a Twit
Because who gives a Shit

Life is for Fun
I want as much as I can get before I am Done

So have a little fun Today
And Flirt Away



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Dionysus Flirt


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