Hecate Waxing Moon

Growing brighter against the Sky
New projects and Tasks I aim to Try


The growing Moon looms over Me
Filling my body and soul with a creative spark of Energy

I seek the oneness and New
Aid me Goddess of the crossroads, showing me what I must Do

Now is the time to begin, grow and become Stronger
I will be malingering no Longer

In my faith Hecate I am always true to You
Point me in the direction I should be traveling To

Travel and Choice are not a Burden
With success I wish to be Flirting

So as the energy of the growing Moon fills the Night
Bring forth the endpoint leading to Delight

New life and Goals
Help destroy the negativity that take its Tolls

The Zero
Is replaced by the Hero

I break off from the Meek
I Seek, quest and become Complete


.Hecate Waxing Moon



You can check out some heroes of Hecate in action here


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