Dionysus Phillip Brownhurst

There is one man who stands above any Other
And we are very happy to be able to call Phillip Brownhurst our Brother

We are always pleased when the Man In Brown
Comes to our Town

Phillip is also called the Everywhere Man
And he tries to aid humanity in any way he Can

With cutlass in Hand
He travels every Land

Phillip Brownhurst

Phillip Brownhurst

Phillip is one with Dionysus
From the endless blue to the darkened Forest

The Eternal Companion, side kick, and trusted Friend
We know we can count on him until the End

So Mr. Brownhurst we raise our glass to You
An example of a friend who is always True

If we are in Luck
You will join us in our Baccanaght

Be careful Phillip, but never lose you Flare
And we will look for you Everywhere


Learn more about our Favorite Hero of Dionysus, Phillip Brownhurst, Here


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