Hecate’s Waning Moon

The Fullness of the Moon has Fallen
Now the Darkness is Calling
It is a time of Darkness and for the children of the Night
Lock the doors and Put out the Light
Life is more than constantly gathering and trying to Create
It is often good to focus on what you have and let the new projects Abate
With the waning moon we need to focus on the here and Now
Fortify things before us, cultivate the fields that we Plow
It is a time to Purge and throw Away
Clean and organize the environment around which we Stay
A Million Unfinished projects, is not as good as a single completed One
It is time to Improve what has already been Done
In all things there is a beginning, a middle, and an End
Complete the circle, Attend
Before future quests I Embark
In the past I will be sure to leave my Mark
So in the End I call out to Thee
For Your Servant and Mage I shall always Be
As the Moon begins to die only to be Reborn
I myself will begin a new Phase and to the past will be no longer Torn

Hecate, Waning Moon

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