Dionysus Under The Stars

Dionysus you are the master of Fun
And that is what we want when the work is Done

Our in nature is where fun happens Best
We can enjoy ourselves while also being put to the Test

When is life better than in a safe place with Friends
This is always the time where we hope it never Ends

In this world where rules are designed to catch us in the Wrong
Out under the stars is where our TAZ grows Strong

It is awesome when we do not have to drive all Day
Then we can just kick back and Play

Dionysus we know you are here with Us
You rejoice when your children enter the Forest

So hear us this Day
Send happiness our Way

We know what we should Do
And that is have fun and frolic with You

We love camping for it regenerates our Scars
So please think of us while we camp under the Stars

Dionysus, Under the Stars

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