Dionysus Fairies

Dionysus you are the master of Joy
And ones that reject this value we will always seek to Annoy

There are creatures very good at This
Even though most do not believe they even Exist

The Fay, Sidhe, or Fairy Kind
Just because you do not see them does not make you Blind

When you come Outside
They fly and Hide

Yet they listen and Watch
And a chance at their friendship one should never Batch

Listen to us Fairies of the Night
Like the Magick of existence enter into our Sight

We wish to learn more from You
Guide us into the True

Great Magick from ancient Days
We pledge to help insure you influence Stays

Like you we watch over the animals and the Forest
We want to make sure it is always with Us

So great Fay
Please send your blessings our Way

Dionysus Fairies

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