Yig’s Warrior of the Earth

As have so many that have come Before
I embrace the ways of the Warrior
I pledge myself to you Yig, as do Gwar

For a servant of the Earth, I do myself Swear
Destroying the planet I will Forbear
Those that do, had best Beware

At work, at home, or in Play
I follow the cause of the Earth as I May
Focus to move it towards core of perfection and correct discordic Sway

This world has given me Birth
I repay the debt, fighting for my Earth
Seeking to prove my own Worth

There are those who seek to harm and Destroy
They are whom I seek to annihilate and Annoy
With the life of the planet I will not let them Toy

The Earth is Alive
Only with its blessing do we Survive
For my home I will always Strive

Any enemy that comes before Me
Will be forced to face a harsh Reality
For from my quest I shall not flee

With Axe, Dagger, and Sword
We seek our Reward
Now it if the thick forest I move Toward.

Yig Warrior

Yig Warrior


Learn more about the Warriors of Yig Here!


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